The energy efficient solid matter feeder for cost-effective digester feeding
Liquid feeding system CC-Mix for biogas applications

Unproblematic, energy-rich biomass is desirable and valuable. For efficient biogas production, it is especially important to feed them in with a minimum of effort but with the best possible preparation. The CC-Mix excels at doing exactly that. Thanks to its carefully thought out concept, solid matter is mixed with the liquid suspension to form a homogeneous suspension, with minimal power requirements. The CC-Mix thus provides the conditions which are necessary for optimum fermentation in the digester.

This makes the CC-Mix to a cost-effective solid matter feeder for renewable resources and solid matter which can flow (such as maize silage and grain waste) through to other, slightly pasty input materials such as fruit and vegetable waste, sugar beet pulp or dry chicken manure. These get into the CC-Mix via a screw conveyor whose mixing chamber and mixing shaft are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel.

Thanks to the new design, a power of only 11-15 kW is needed to create an ideally mashed organic suspension suitable for bacteria. The integrated foreign matter separator keeps heavy material back, avoiding damage by foreign matter. As the biomass is provided in a pumpable form, it is no problem to feed several digesters from one CC-Mix.

Its installation and integration is uncomplicated both in new as well as in existing systems. Owing to its compact construction, only a few square meters are required to erect the CC-Mix - including space for service and maintenance work. In connection with a PCU control unit from Vogelsang, all of the components, including the sensors and safety components, are available to automate the solid matter feeder.

Features of the CC-Mix

The unique design of the CC Mix stands for the best possible mixing performance with minimal energy requirements. Through the intelligent arrangement of solid and liquid feeds as well as the mixing shaft, floating layers are avoided and the biomass is actively transported in the liquid, to intensively mix both to a homogeneous organic suspension.
At the base of the mixing chamber, directly before the pump unit, the CC Mix has a foreign matter separator as standard, which separates out stones and metal parts using gravity.
Thanks to its compact design, the machine is easy to integrate. It is even no problem to retrofit it into an existing system. For three steps in your process, you only need a few square meters, which includes space for service and maintenance.
Both the progressive cavity pump in the CC series as well as the components in the mixing chamber are easy to service. On the basis of the QuickService concept for the CC series, all of the parts, from the rotor-stator unit, via the shaft seal through to the tools on the mixing shaft are easy to replace on site.
The CC Mix is driven with a sturdy parallel shaft geared motor with a high operating factor. This is mounted directly onto the drive shaft so an additional coupling is not needed.
Both the mixing chamber as well as the mixing shaft, as well as all of the steel parts in the mixing chamber are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel or some other corrosion-resistant material. The sturdy design is the basis for the intensive and energy efficient preparation of the biomass.
A generously sized cardan shaft with two cardan joints ensures reliable transmission of the drive power in the CC series from the parallel shaft geared motor to the rotor. A sturdy sleeve – which doesn’t even have to be disassembled when changing the rotor – protects the shaft against solid and fibrous matter and against foreign matter in the medium.

Additional information:

Options of the CC-Mix

The progressive cavity pump used in the CC series is optionally available with a two-stage geometry. This increases the permissible differential pressure, halving the pressure difference per stage, resulting in a longer service life, even with strongly abrasive media and/or high pressures.
On request, the Performance Control Unit (PCU) is available in a variant with a PROFINet connection.
The optional wide screen touch display offers an overview of all of the important information and settings, even outside of the central control. Built into the control cabinet door, all important details are easy to access and set via the intuitive menu.
Optionally, Vogelsang can also offer control hardware and software including the sensors from just one source.
All PCUs are equipped for access via remote maintenance. If access is activated and made possible, operators benefit from uncomplicated software updates and, when events call for it, we can quickly and easily support the customer.

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