Precision distributor ExaCut ECQ by Vogelsang
ExaCut ECQ

Precision distributor with best accuracy
ExaCut ECQ

  • Faster and easier maintenance than ever before
  • 50% longer service life
  • Even more exact nutrient distribution
  • 50% less power requirement
  • Large cross sections for lower pressure loss


How the precision distributor works
ExaCut ECQ

Relying solely on distribution precision is old news; for work to be truly economical, the effort involved in actually spreading the liquid manure is essential.

So invest in technological progress that actually takes you further. With the versatile ExaCut ECQ, Vogelsang sets completely new standards for the precision distributor market. This is because the ExaCut ECQ is ambitious in terms of distribution precision yet absolutely modest when it comes to maintenance work and power requirements. Moreover, anyone can use it regardless of their fleet or the nature of the fields, since it can be combined with almost any linkage. No matter which technology you choose, you can rely on the ExaCut ECQ as the heart of your distribution technology.
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Features of the ExaCut ECQ

The eccentric adjuster ensures that the cutting blades always exert a constant pressure on the cutting ring. Together with the optimized cutting blades, this guarantees consistent and reliable cutting performance.
The ExaCut distributors can be factory-fitted with side filling connections in different lengths and diameters. This allows flexibility in terms of connecting the distributor to the existing supply line. A TopInlet is also possible: an additional slurry inlet at the top of the distributor.
The compact sealing package ensures reliable separation between hydraulic oil and medium. The sealing package prevents the different substances from mixing. With this leakage check feature, leaks can be detected quickly and easily.
All Vogelsang precision distributors are equipped with ventilation. These ensure an even flow of liquid manure into the discharge hoses and a high distribution precision.
Heavy foreign matter, such as stones or pieces of metal, is collected for easy removal through a simple opening.

Options of the ExaCut ECQ

Comfort Flow Control (CFC) is the universal solution when it comes to shutting off hoses in any system: part-width section cut-offs, tramline switching or DropStop systems. The CFC is installed in the hose outlets of the spreader device, downstream of the distributor. Each hose or group of hoses can be shut off from the cab. The CFC is versatile and can be used in any unit – dribble bar systems, trailing shoe systems or tillage units.

  • Quality leadership in distribution accuracy and maintenance[br]Worldwide number one: ExaCut ECQ

Quality leadership in distribution accuracy and maintenance
Worldwide number one: ExaCut ECQ

The precision distributor from Vogelsang absolutely sets new standards. Thanks to the QuickService principle already familiar from Vogelsang, this precision distributor is also set to become an absolute service sensation. The product can be serviced and made ready for use again in less than 20 minutes, keeping downtime to a minimum. A decisive advantage, especially during the manure season. The large maintenance flap allows direct access to all relevant parts – without needing to be dismantled from the spreader technology at all.

However, this is not the only areas in which the ExaCut ECQ offers convincing performance. The unbeatable distribution accuracy should also be taken into account: a coefficient of variation never seen before on the market ensures a highly precise distribution of nutrients to the individual outlets.

In addition, the new ExaCut ECQ will appeal to customers with its longer service life. The three-bladed design of the rotor reduces the rotational speed and the internal pressure in the distributor, which means that the load on the cutting blades is reduced. This has allowed the service lives to be extended by as much as 50%. At the same time, it has been possible to reduce the power requirements by 50% – thereby saving energy and oil. Also, the power consumption of the pump has been positively influenced by the new design: the open design with the large cross sections facilitates the liquid manure admission and prevents pressure loss.