XTill: The Strip Till machine by Vogelsang

Spreading technology with Strip Till

  • Strip tillage that is gentle on soil and environmentally friendly with optional root-level liquid manure fertilization
  • Save time and money by combining multiple steps into one
  • Liquid manure deposited at two different depths
  • Strip Till system for an extremely wide range of crops and soil conditions


Positive effects of the Strip Till method
Strip soil cultivation

The Strip Till method combines the advantages of no-till and conventional soil cultivation approaches. Multiple work steps are combined into a single step. Plowing, deep tillage, seed bed conditioning and liquid manure incorporation are accomplished in a single pass, saving time and money.

But this results in more than just economic benefits for the farm. This method brings several other important advantages in terms of plant cultivation as well. Due to the fact that only part of the surface is tilled in strips, the untilled parts remains covered with plant remnants. This protects against soil erosion, harmful compaction, and also evaporation. With this type of tillage, the lane is located on the untilled section. This not only makes the ground better to drive on, it also keeps the soil's pore system intact for water infiltration. The soil warms up very quickly in the tilled strips, creating optimal germination and growth conditions for crops. Liquid manure is spread at the same time as the ground is tilled and is deposited precisely where plants need nutrients: around their roots. Few emissions are produced in this process. This precise deposition reduces the need for mineral fertilizers.

Strip Till system for any type of crop
Why you need the XTill Vario Crop

With the XTill VarioCrop, Vogelsang provides a Strip Till machine that can be used for any type of crop. This allows strip soil cultivation with simultaneous root-level liquid manure fertilization for an extremely wide range of row crops. The compact units in this system are easily adjusted to allow for row spacing from 45 cm to 47 cm. The machine features many settings for easy adjustment to a variety of operating conditions. This makes XTill VarioCrop highly versatile in use. Precise distribution of the liquid manure is provided by the Vogelsang DosiMat precision distributor.

Features of the XTill

The unit is designed to be mounted on a 3-point hydraulic system.
The press wheels are located on the end of each XTill row unit. Two press wheels form the loosened seed bed and provide the required reconsolidation. A wide range of variants is available to provide the right solution for any soil characteristics.
Liquid manure, a valuable commodity, must be spread evenly and reliably in the distribution hoses. Vogelsang precision distributors permit precise distribution of the nutrients with a distribution coefficient of less than 5 percent. This makes spreading a safe and reliable process without fluctuations – which also guarantees even plant growth.

Two ridging disks keep the soil in the tillage zone, form a ridge of finely crumbled soil and can be adjusted on three levels in relation to the injector tine.
The loosening and fertilizing cultivator arm loosens the soil at the required depth, after which the liquid manure is stored in the underground depot via a height-adjustable outlet tube.
A parallelogram design ensures constant soil tillage depth.
The coulter blade cuts crop residue and growth so that downstream tools can work the tillage zone easily and cleanly.
The hydraulic overload protection ensures that arms can deflect upwards in case of overloads. This function is infinitely variable, and can be adjusted to suit the soil conditions.