The VX series
Perfection, from technical design to service and maintenance

  • 5 different model series with up to 8 different capacity levels
  • Up to 23,600 l/min
  • Pressures up to 16 bar

With five series and up to eight sizes per series, a VX rotary lobe pump can be adapted to almost any delivery rate and pressure range. It will economically pump anything that flows, and more:  wastewater, sludge, organic fertilizers, liquid manure, organic suspensions or chemically aggressive media, through to oil, fuel, and food residues. A range of technical innovations provide low downtimes, minimize operating costs, and ensure quick and easy maintenance.

The advantages of the VX series at a glance:

  • Comprehensive range of technical details and options
  • Quick access to the pumping chamber by removing the cover
  • Self-priming
  • Resistant to foreign matter
  • Pulsation-free pumping

Further optional equipment features

The speed-dependent displacement of rotary lobe pumps makes them ideal for precise longitudinal distribution within the spreading swath. In order to monitor this, Vogelsang presents two new variants of the speed sensor for the VX series. They are highly compact and are integrated into the housing where they are well protected.

Variant A: Screwed directly into the gearbox, the sensor measures the speed regardless of the drive type.

Variant B: The speed sensor works in conjunction with the UDS. It is installed in the drive adapter and measures the speed on the adapter teeth.

Both versions are used to calculate the flow rate, allowing precise control of the required spreading capacity.

The Universal Drive System (UDS) allows the same Vogelsang rotary lobe pump to be operated with a number of different types of drive. This is done by combining a pump from the VX series with a shaft and drive adapter. This means it can be operated flexibly with hydraulic and geared motors, or with the classic cardan shaft, or with the three-speed gearbox, depending on current requirements and the location of use. The drive type can be changed in a flash, and the pump can be used either as a stationary installation or as a mobile unit on a tanker. This system makes spare parts management easier and enhances flexibility.

The VX series in aluminum is the ultimate solution when using the rotary lobe pump in transport vehicles. It allows an additional weight reduction of up to 126.5 kg to be attained, making it optimal for strict weight stipulations in road transport as the tare of the vehicle can be minimized and the payload increased. In this variant of the VX series, the pump housing and the lobe core are made of aluminum. Attention has been paid to making sure that the housing components that come into contact with the medium are not made of aluminum so as not to impair the service life of the Vogelsang VX pump in any way.