Emilio Barbi chose Vogelsang
He uses rotary lobe pumps for filling tank trucks

„I chose Vogelsang because the VX pumps gently convey refined oils and soap pastes.”
Emilio Barbi, owner of Oleificio F.lli Barbi, Bescia, Italy

My company has focused on refining crude oils from, e.g. sunflower, peanut, corn, grape seed and soy since the 1980s. We mainly produce for the Italian market. Such oils are not only produced for the food industry, but are also used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in the energy industry and in livestock farms. We are the third generation of the Barbi family to vouch for the high quality of our product.

In the first processing step, we extract the acid content from the raw material. To achieve this caustic soda is added in order to bind the acid content; the so-called soap paste is created. The oil and the sludge-like soap paste is then separated from one another by centrifugation. The separated soap paste is now pumped into tank trucks by a Vogelsang pump VX186-130Q. The remaining refined oil is now transported to other tank trucks by two other pumps of the same type.

The pumps previously used vibrated heavily and put a lot of stress on the product. This pumping process is now very gentle and vibration-free, which prevents the oil from foaming.

Customer portrait: Oleificio F.lli Barbi

The company Oleificio F.lli Barbi, Italy
Testimonial Emilio Barbi
Position Owner
Employees 13
Established 1933
Services Refining of crude seed oils
Products and Solutions from Vogelsang VX186-130Q pumps for soap paste recirculation, VX186-130Q pump for refined oils