Wastewater grinder with monolithic ripper rotors
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Reliable protection against clogging and blockages with the Vogelsang XRipper series

Pumping stations and collection shafts have limited working spaces. Space everywhere is at a premium, maintenance teams have hardly any room to maneuver and there is not left much space available for the installation of additional machines for wastewater pretreatment.

The XRipper XRP delivers reliable protection from clogging with minimal space requirements: the twin-shaft shredder with the motor is arranged vertically above the cutter with extremely low space requirements from flange to flange. Furthermore, the inline arrangement with the inlet and outlet are directly opposite one another. In addition, thanks to the QuickService concept, service and maintenance can be carried out quickly and easily on site.
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The following XRipper shredders are available for you:

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XRipper - XRP100-90Q
Wastewater grinder

  • Housing: steel, painted
  • Rotor blade width: 7.4 mm
  • Connector size: DN100
  • Drive: 1.5 kW
  • Max. flow rate: 85 m³/h

XRipper- XRP136-140Q
Wastewater grinder

  • Housing: steel, painted
  • Rotor blade width: 9.8 mm
  • Connector size: DN150
  • Drive: 1.5 kW
  • Max. flow rate: 190 m³/h

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