The twin-shaft grinder XRipper is the the wastewater grinder by Vogelsang

Twin-shaft grinder for sewer and WWTP

  • Economical shredding of solid and disruptive matter such as wet wipes, wood, fabric, trash, and waste
  • Efficient protection for pumps and system components from clogging, blockages, and damage
  • Always ready for operation thanks to straightforward maintenance
  • Added reliability thanks to cartridge mechanical seal technology


The twin-shaft grinder that prevents clogging and blockages
How the twin-shaft grinder XRipper works

Installed directly in the fluid current, the wastewater (or other flowable medium) passes through the twin-shaft grinder XRipper virtually without hindrance. Thanks to the generously dimensioned housing, pressure loss is minimal. Solid matter and foreign matter arrive at the twin-shaft grinder XRipper along with the fluid flow, and are then guided into the central area, to the Ripper rotors. These take hold of the disruptive matter, draw it in, and shred it. In the process, solid matter is ripped, the sharp edges cut long-fibered material to pieces, and coarse and brittle components are ground up. The size-reduction ratio is adjusted by modifying the width and contour of the Ripper blades. With low speeds and high torque, the XRipper only requires low drive power to efficiently prevent clogging, blockages and damage to downstream pumps and valves.

Digitalize your product!
Control technology for Vogelsang technology

Investing in our progressive and smart control technology significantly boosts the performance and efficiency of Vogelsang machines and systems. It captures and continuously monitors key parameters like the capacity or throughput rate, rpm, pressure and power consumption. The control detects malfunctions early, and rectifies them by intervening appropriately. The integrated communication interfaces like ProfiNet and OPC UA can exchange data with other systems or a superordinate control in real time.

At the same time, the web-based user interface displays all key data clearly in all major browsers. Optionally, the data can be accessed on mobile devices for remote monitoring.

Our experts’ experience from hundreds of applications in various areas constantly inspires our software development and lays the foundation for the major benefits for the users: low operating costs, maximum availability and efficiency.

Our range of controls offers the right solution for all machine requirements and all customers’ needs. From ready-to-use, factory-tested and commissioned system solutions for end users, to basic versions for experts who want to put the finishing touches to the control technology themselves.

Options in control technology for the XRipper

Features of the XRipper

The monolithic Ripper rotors are made of a high-quality steel block. They transfer the torque evenly from the shaft to the rotors, thereby enabling an even greater load. Service and maintenance work can be completed in a short time because far fewer individual parts need to be replaced when changing parts.

Additional information:
The axial wear plates of the XRipper are equipped with a counter-cutter that largely prevents disruptive matter from passing through the XRipper without being shredded. The result: even, reliable shredding.
As a result of the different rotational speeds of the two XRipper shafts, the XRipper rotors clean themselves. Material that has settled in the gaps between the Ripper rotors is actively raked out. This avoids clogging of rotors and any resulting reduction in flow rate.
The shafts and rotors of the XRipper are dimensioned with maximum diameters. Both together make the XRipper torsionally stiff and resistant to blockage.
The XRipper housing features a rigid design. This lays the foundation for the long lifetime of the bearings and gearbox.

Options of the XRipper

To adjust to the size-reduction ratio, Ripper rotors are available with blade widths ranging from 6-11 mm. They are made of hardened special steel as standard, and are also available in stainless steel for use in chemically aggressive media.
Flow-optimized housings are available for selection for the XRipper XRP and XRipper XRC. This means maximum throughput with the smallest possible dimensions as well as low operating and investment costs.
An ATEX-compliant version can be supplied for use in areas subject to explosion hazards.
Depending on the series, the components of the XRipper chamber are produced from gray cast iron (XRS) or steel. Alternatively, they are available in stainless steel and/or cast stainless steel. The Ripper rotors and axial wear plates are made of highly wear-resistant special steel and are also available in a stainless steel variant.
For long designs and/or if hard blockages are to be expected, the QD design gives the XRipper additional stability thanks to an additional, third support bearing – this prevents shafts from bending and the Ripper rotors from touching. Nevertheless, the QuickService functionality remains: maintenance and service are performed quickly and easily on-site.
The connector box available for the XRipper XRS and XRipper XRP allows for heavy material, such as stones and metal parts, to be separated out upstream from the XRipper, thereby avoiding blockage of the XRipper.
The SIK enables the XRipper XRC to be directly positioned in the channel and/or upstream of the inlet or discharge, as well as in front of slanted or rounded walls. Guide rails allow the complete XRipper to be lifted upwards and out for service and maintenance, and replaced again without an additional retaining ring.
A variety of different drive options are available for the XRipper. In most cases, geared motors and/or parallel shaft geared motors supply the drive power. Suitably equipped versions are available for operation in temporarily or permanently flooded conditions. Alternatively, the XRipper can be driven by a hydraulic motor.

Series of the twin-shaft grinder XRipper

  • The economical and easy-to-maintain twin-shaft grinder[br]XRipper XRS
  • The compact inline twin-shaft grinder for pipe systems[br]XRipper XRP
  • The grinder for channels and shafts[br]XRipper XRC-SIK
  • The grinder for maximum flow rates[br]XRipper XRG

The economical and easy-to-maintain twin-shaft grinder
Twin-shaft grinder XRipper XRS

The XRipper XRS is the economical solution if you want to efficiently treat and reduce coarse and high-volume foreign and solid matter in liquid media to an unproblematic size. Whether it's textiles, bulk materials, wood, or plastic in municipal wastewater or bones, fruit, vegetables, or other waste from production: sturdy construction in a proven twin-shaft design and an extensive range of features and options make for a cost-effective solution for virtually any application. At the same time, the twin-shaft cutters of the XRS series are also sure to impress with their easy to maintain construction. All wear parts including the seal are easily accessible simply by removing the cover. All necessary service and maintenance work on the XRipper XRS can be performed quickly and easily on-site, without having to dismantle the cutter.

The compact inline twin-shaft grinder for pipe systems
Wastewater grinder XRipper XRP

If you need to carry out shredding in a tight space and barely have room to install a grinder, let alone service and maintain it, the twin-shaft grinder XRipper XRP is what you need. The motor mounted above the XRipper keeps the floor space used to a minimum. This means it can be easily installed in even the tightest of shafts. Coarse and high-volume disruptive matter contained in the wastewater, such as wet wipes, textiles, wood and plastic bags, is reliably reduced to an unproblematic size thereby preventing clogging, blockages and damage to downstream pumps and valves. Meanwhile the clever design concept ensures excellent accessibility when maintenance work is required: the entire functional unit is simply lifted out while the machine body remains firmly screwed onto the pipe system.

Reliable twin-shaft grinder for open channels and shafts
Twin-shaft grinder XRipper XRC-SIK

The XRipper XRC with SIK (Sewer Integration Kit) is ideal for installation in open wastewater channels and/or upstream of inlets and inflows in shafts and pits. Even large orifice heights can be easily achieved with the XRipper XRC thanks to the QD bearing. Thanks to the flexible Sewage Integration Kit the XRipper XRC can also be easily positioned in open wastewater channels and/or against slanted or even rounded walls directly upstream of the inlet and/or discharge. Disruptive matter contained in the wastewater, such as hygienic products, textiles, clothing, cleaning rags or garbage, enters the XRipper XRC along with the fluid stream where it is reliably shredded to an unproblematic size. This prevents clogging, blockages, and damage to downstream pumps, valves, and units. For maintenance and service, the entire grinder is simply raised out of the channel and/or shaft/pit using the SIK.

The powerful twin-shaft grinder with maximum flow rates
Twin-shaft grinder XRipper XRG

High flow rates, such as those occurring in large sewers and inflows of sewage treatment plants, can only be mastered with appropriately large yet efficient shredders. The twin-shaft grinder XRipper XRG was developed specifically for these applications. The sieves of the High Capacity Units arranged laterally in the housing permit large quantities of (waste)water to pass by unhindered, while catching and holding back the disruptive matter and waste. This is continuously fed into the Ripper rotors which reduce them to a manageable size. For removal of the functional unit just remove a couple of screws on the housing is all that is required.

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