Rotary lobe pump VX136-140Q: All-round pumps for tank trucks
Case Study - Franz Fischer Spedition GmbH


The wide range of media compositions in the chemicals industry


Vogelsang VX136-140Q rotary lobe pump

The problem

Tank trucks for transporting liquids from the chemicals industry are faced with particularly difficult tasks. The medium must often be extracted and pumped to the vehicle tank, and then from the vehicle tank to the storehouse at the destination. The chemical composition of these media often cannot be predicted precisely beforehand. And there is limited space for installing a pump. In spite of this, charging and discharging should be as fast as possible.

The solution

Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps are a proven solution. Driven by a hydraulic motor which is mortised into the drive shaft, they impress with extremely compact dimensions and a high pump flow (up to over 70m³/h in specific cases). The pump direction can easily be changed by changing the direction of rotation. Self-priming and high pressure are no problem.

All parts which come in contact with the media are made of stainless steel to protect the system against often extreme corrosiveness. The lobes are coated with Viton due to its excellent resistance to many chemicals. Should there be a serious - case of corrosion due to the unpredictability of the medium, the QuickService design means that the lobes and even the mechanical seal can be replaced in no time at all.

Transporting chemicals economically: no problem with Vogelsang technology.

Advantages of the Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps

  • Compact design with high pump capacity
  • Self-priming and variable pump direction
  • QuickService design makes it extremely easy to service and maintain