Industrial technology for the sugar industry
How Vogelsang can support you processing sugar

Our customers in the sugar industry are facing a challenge finding the right pump technology for processing sugar.

Highly viscous liquids containing abrasive solids such as sugar crystals in magma or massecuite are a major burden for rotary lobe pumps and other machinery involved in the pumping process. In addition to resistance to the abrasive properties of the medium, the technology must function correctly even at high temperatures. Sugar crystals should survive the process undamaged, so the pumping process needs to be gentle and even as well as tough.

Vogelsang industry pumps optimize processes for sugar production

Vogelsang pumps are able to meet these requirements. An extensive selection of materials, components and design options as well as the knowledge to apply them in the most cost-effective way allows us to find the best solution for the sugar industry.

Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps are designed to provide trouble-free, maintenance-friendly and economical pumping. As non contacting, rotating positive displacement pumps, Vogelsang pumps can reliably handle a wide range of liquids, especially highly viscous and abrasive media. They are ideally suited to various processes in beet sugar production, cane sugar production and in the sugar refining industry.

Further advantages of Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps for the sugar industry:

  • Pulsation-free HiFlo lobes provide gentle pumping that minimizes the unwanted damage of sugar crystals
  • The housing geometry designed with InjectionSystem optimizes the flow of foreign matter through the pump, increasing the service life by as much as 150%
  • The compact design allows an installation even in narrow spaces
  • The robust and low-maintenance design of the rotary lobe pump helps to minimize downtimes

Easy maintenance of Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps in the sugar industry

When it comes to maintenance, Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps provide a huge advantage. All maintenance work can be easily performed inline without having to dismount the unit from the pipe. The compact and space-saving design allows Vogelsang pumps to be integrated into any system. They require almost 70% less space than a typical progressive cavity pump.

Media processed in the sugar industry

Thin juice is created when the sugar is released from the crushed sugar beet or sugar cane with the help of hot water, carbonic acid and lime milk.
Thick juice is produced when the water has been removed from the previously created thin juice by heating. It has a viscosity of around 500-1500 mPas and can also be used as a raw material for the production of bioethanol.
Massecuite is created in sugar production when the sugar-containing syrup is evaporated. In this process the crystalline component grows in the mass.
Magma is an intermediate product in the process of making sugar. In order to extract the sugar crystals from it, it is treated with steam in centrifuges. This resulting liquid is called sugar solution.
Refining is one of the many intermediate processes used to increase the purity of the sugar. For this purpose, the previously obtained clarification is crystallized again. The product obtained in this way is top quality sugar and is called refined sugar.
The resulting thin juice still contains suspended and foreign particles that would interfere with the further sugar production process. Lime milk is added to the thin juice to bind them. This is created in lime kilns when burning limestone.
Molasses is a dark brown sugar syrup that is a by-product of sugar cane, sugar beet and sugar millet in sugar production. It is highly viscous and contains many abrasive sugar crystals.
Magma is a mixture of granulated sugar and thick juice. It is an intermediate product in sugar production. Magma is extremely viscous and hardens during storage.

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