Solutions for Sugar Cane Processing
Pumping viscous liquids like molasses, masscuite and magma

A Vogelsang rotary lobe pump keeps sugar cane liquids flowing to avoid damage to processing equipment and to the product. Our HiFlo VX or IQ pump provides pulsation-free pumping that is gentle on crystals and prevents solids and liquids from mixing. Cartridge mechanical seals avoid the crystallization that can result in scored shafts and leakage that can occur with packed pumps. The HiFlo pump is also able to run dry for up to 30 minutes.

    Our rotary lobe pumps feature:

    • Gentle, minimal shear pumping action - "pulsation free"
    • A design that holds up to the pumping of crystals and high viscosity fluid mediums
    • Material options to handle various temperature requirements
    • Unique cartridge mechanical seals that won't fail or leak like gear pumps or flapper valve pumps
    • Easy, inline maintenance - service the pump without disconnecting pipes or flanges

    Applications in a Cane Sugar Mill

    Applications in a Cane Sugar Refinery

    Maintenance on our equipment is sweet

    HiFlo Rotary Lobe Pump are designed for on-site maintenance.

    Pump lobes and wear plates can be checked and serviced inline without disconnecting pipes. A buffer chamber pressure bottle allows you to check integrity of the mechanical seal without disassembly of the pump.

    Twin-Shaft grinders: Low-Maintenance, High Performance
    Grinding Alternative to Hamermills

    Traditionally, hammermills have been used to reduce sugar cane solids. Along with very high noise levels, these machines require constant maintenance as hammermill screens puncture from rocks and other heavy solids in the cane sugar influent.

    There’s a better solution. The Vogelsang twin-shaft grinder XRipper, part of the RedUnit product line, provides superior grinding technology, low-noise operation and improved solid particle size reduction. The XRipper’s monolithic ripper rotors are removed in one piece, unlike other grinders that require time to remove and then reassemble stacks of blades and spacers.

    The monolithic ripper rotor design of the XRipper is more robust, giving you uniform particle sizes and protection from debris.

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