Debris Removal System (DRS) by Vogelsang
Debris Removal System (DRS)

Discharge heavy material quickly and easily
Debris Removal System (DRS)

  • Removal of separated heavy material during ongoing operation
  • Required time and work reduced by up to 80%
  • Only approx. 15 l of medium is discharged
  • Easy retrofitting


Operating principle of the DRS
How the Debris Removal System works

In many applications, heavy material is separated from liquid media in order to avoid damage and blockages to downstream system components such as pumps and valves, for example from stones or metal parts. The heavy material settles as usual in the calming zone. The piston of the DRS then push it towards the removal aperture while at the same time the passage to the RotaCut RCX / DebrisCatcher is closed. The medium included with the heavy material returns to the machine's working area via a bypass. In the next step, the heavy material is discharged by the piston with only about 15 l of medium. Everything takes place during operation, without the DebrisCatcher or RotaCut RCX having to be switched off or opened - as is usually the case. Compared to previous solutions, the work is completed in a fifth of the time. When combined with a control, this process can be performed automatically.

Removing heavy material during operation
The Debris Removal System for biogas applications

In biogas plants in particular, large amounts of heavy material usually accumulate. Stones, metal parts, porcelain, stoneware etc. get into the process via liquid manure as well as dung, organic waste etc. Separated by a heavy material separator, the final removal has so far involved a great deal of manual effort. In addition to the actual heavy material, large quantities of manure or suspension also escape, which then have to be fed back into the process.

The Debris Removal System (DRS) discharges the separated heavy material during ongoing operation with no need to switch off or open the solid matter feeder or the RotaCut / foreign matter separator. The system discharges the heavy material with only minimal loss of medium (only around 15 l). Compared to conventional solutions, the DRS reduces the work required by up to 80%.

The innovative DRS can therefore help optimize operations wherever large quantities of heavy material arise and the service interruptions necessary for removal are disruptive to the process. In particular, applications in which an interruption in operation is unacceptable or downstream units and process lines being at a standstill causes high costs.

Features of the DRS

The Debris Removal System is built to be tough and durable. This minimizes maintenance work.
The medium trapped in the heavy matter separator is returned to the machine via a check valve. Only 15 l of heavy material and medium are discharged.
Thanks to a free passage of 180 mm, even larger heavy material is reliably discharged.

Options of the DRS

In the basic version, the slide valve is opened and closed using a hand wheel, and the DRS piston is driven by a manual pump.
Manually monitored by the operator, the slide valve is opened and closed using a hand wheel; however, the DRS piston is conveniently operated hydraulically.
Slide valve and DRS piston are hydraulically operated. The entire process is monitored by a control. Only the catcher has to be emptied manually at the end.
A hydraulic unit suitable for hydraulic operation of the DRS piston and slide valve can also be arranged to save space.
The Performance Control Unit (PCU) for the PreMix or RotaCut RCX is set up for monitoring the DRS in automatic mode. Alternatively, a separate Performance Control Unit (PCU) is available for the DRS.

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