Robust wastewater technology for reliable protection from clogging in pipe systems or channels
The wastewater grinder XRipper for wastewater applications

If wet wipes and entangled material are clogging wastewater pumps in sewers, wastewater grinders XRipper are the effective solution. The twin-shaft grinder powerfully shreds foreign matter such as hygienic products, textiles and garbage to prevent entanglement of fibrous foreign matter, thereby protecting pumps, valves and pipe systems from clogging. The twin-shaft grinder even easily shreds large entanglements that would immediately block the circulation pumps in the digesters of sewage treatment plants. The wastewater grinder XRipper therefore protects against operational interruptions and disruptions in channels or sewage treatment plants.

Adapted to the requirements of wastewater technology, the XRipper is available in four different designs. Aside from the extremely easy to maintain XRS series, the XRipper XRP series is also an excellent choice. It was specially designed for inline installation in pipe systems where space is limited, while the XRipper XRC-SIK series was specially designed for use in open channels and/or upstream from intake or discharge structures. Thanks to the flexible Sewage Integration Kit (SIK) the XRipper XRC-SIK can also be easily positioned against slanted or rounded walls, with removal being equally straightforward. For very big channels or inlets in front of big wastewater treatment plant the wastewater grinder XRipper XRG has been constructed. High Capacity Units at the side of the housing guarantee a very high throughput.

All wastewater grinders XRipper share this in common: the shredding tools, called Ripper rotors, rotate at a low speed. This means that the XRipper delivers extremely high torque for shredding even at low drive power. At the same time, the Ripper rotors clean themselves, as a result of rotating at different speeds. Thanks to the XRipper's contact-free functional principle, power consumption during idling is minimal. The XRipper's user-friendly maintenance and service concepts are tailored to enable rapid maintenance. Even parts can be easily replaced without hassle on-site by sewage treatment plant personnel or by a service partner.

Features of the XRipper

The monolithic Ripper rotors are made of a high-quality steel block. They transfer the torque evenly from the shaft to the rotors, thereby enabling an even greater load. Service and maintenance work can be completed in a short time because far fewer individual parts need to be replaced when changing parts.

Additional information:
The axial wear plates of the XRipper are equipped with a counter-cutter that largely prevents disruptive matter from passing through the XRipper without being shredded. The result: even, reliable shredding.
As a result of the different rotational speeds of the two XRipper shafts, the XRipper rotors clean themselves. Material that has settled in the gaps between the Ripper rotors is actively raked out. This avoids clogging of rotors and any resulting reduction in flow rate.
The shafts and rotors of the XRipper are dimensioned with maximum diameters. Both together make the XRipper torsionally stiff and resistant to blockage.
The XRipper housing features a rigid design. This lays the foundation for the long lifetime of the bearings and gearbox.

Options of the XRipper

To adjust to the size-reduction ratio, Ripper rotors are available with blade widths ranging from 6-11 mm. They are made of hardened special steel as standard, and are also available in stainless steel for use in chemically aggressive media.
Flow-optimized housings are available for selection for the XRipper XRP and XRipper XRC. This means maximum throughput with the smallest possible dimensions as well as low operating and investment costs.
An ATEX-compliant version can be supplied for use in areas subject to explosion hazards.
Depending on the series, the components of the XRipper chamber are produced from gray cast iron (XRS) or steel. Alternatively, they are available in stainless steel and/or cast stainless steel. The Ripper rotors and axial wear plates are made of highly wear-resistant special steel and are also available in a stainless steel variant.
For long designs and/or if hard blockages are to be expected, the QD design gives the XRipper additional stability thanks to an additional, third support bearing – this prevents shafts from bending and the Ripper rotors from touching. Nevertheless, the QuickService functionality remains: maintenance and service are performed quickly and easily on-site.
The connector box available for the XRipper XRS and XRipper XRP allows for heavy material, such as stones and metal parts, to be separated out upstream from the XRipper, thereby avoiding blockage of the XRipper.
The SIK enables the XRipper XRC to be directly positioned in the channel and/or upstream of the inlet or discharge, as well as in front of slanted or rounded walls. Guide rails allow the complete XRipper to be lifted upwards and out for service and maintenance, and replaced again without an additional retaining ring.
A variety of different drive options are available for the XRipper. In most cases, geared motors and/or parallel shaft geared motors supply the drive power. Suitably equipped versions are available for operation in temporarily or permanently flooded conditions. Alternatively, the XRipper can be driven by a hydraulic motor.

Videos of the wastewater grinder XRipper

XRipper XRP136: Demonstration

XRipper XRC-SIK: On site

XRipper XRG: On site

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