"The new Vogelsang products increase our profitability"

When it comes to manure spreading Dettmer Agrar-Service GmbH relies on all three Vogelsang innovations. They are using the BlackBird trailing shoe system, the ExaCut ECQ precision distributor and the GL series gearless rotary lobe pump on fields and farmland for several months now. Managing Director Gerd Dettmer reports on his experience with the technology and offers a clear conclusion.

Mr Dettmer, your company in Kettenkamp near Osnabrück offers customers a wide range of services. From soil cultivation, organic and mineral fertilization, to harvesting and transporting agricultural goods. What are the most important factors for you?
Gerd Dettmer: Quality and speed are crucial in our industry. We employ over 100 highly trained specialists who ensure that we complete orders quickly and reliably. We use a large and modern fleet of vehicles for this, some of which feature computer-controlled technology. That enables us to meet our customers’ requirements and the high standards imposed by legal regulations. We always keep an eye on the market potential for optimising our machine fleet and processes.

What challenges does your company face?
Given the seasonal nature of our work, with tight time frames as well as restrictions, we need to work efficiently. Since contract machines are often used in short bursts, they have to be reliable. This also means that we must be able to make any necessary repairs quickly to avoid losses due to downtime. At the same time, we need innovative technology that allows us to work precisely and under control in fields and farmland. Combined, the characteristics let us deliver high quality within the legal parameters.

To what extent do Vogelsang’s new products help you achieve this goal?
With the BlackBird trailing shoe system, the ExaCut ECQ precision distributor and the GL series gearless rotary lobe pump, we’ve optimized our liquid manure management at almost all levels. We spread liquid manure for over 370 customers in the Lower Saxony area, so everything about the handling has to be right. For us, high precision liquid manure spreading starts with filling the tanker and ends with the controlled and demand-driven distribution on the soil or near plant roots. The Vogelsang innovations deliver for exactly these applications.

What else do you need technology to do for you?
We need machines and components to be easy to maintain, durable and low-maintenance. We can’t afford extended downtimes in our time-critical business.

Do the Vogelsang products meet your expectations?
Absolutely. All three products are user-friendly, relatively low in wear and can be serviced quickly. For example, the gearless pump was easy to install in the trailer thanks to its compact design. We can also reach all of the main components without dismantling the pump. In addition, the ExaCut ECQ’s service life was extended by up to 50 percent. That’s because the precision distributor does not need to rotate as fast any more, reducing the strain on the cutting blades. The BlackBird was also developed with durability in mind, so we assume that the products will continue to impress us in this respect.

How has your practical experience with BlackBird been?
We are using the BlackBird trailing shoe system with a working width of 24 metres since spring 2020. We were particularly impressed by the slitting method and the high quality of work. The sharpened skids penetrate the soil perfectly due to active pressure. That lets us place the liquid manure with its nutrients right under the plant stock and avoid ammonia and nitrogen losses on the surface. The innovative boom also ensures optimum height and oscillation compensation of both side arms. They adapt individually to the contours of the soil and thus support continuous liquid manure deposition close to ground level. The system’s shutdown and folding technology is yet another advantage. Thanks to the DropStop principle, we can fold up the linkage without causing contamination on headlands and roads.

Which factors play an important role for you regarding the ExaCut ECQ?
For us, a low downtime of the precision distributor as well as an even distribution of the liquid manure to all hose ends are important. The technology also must be robust against organic residues in the liquid manure. That’s definitely the case with the ExaCut ECQ. The distribution precision is extremely good and the components are very robust.

What do you use the gearless rotary lobe pump for?
We need the pump to deliver liquid manure into tankers and barrels. We fitted the new technology into one of our liquid manure trailers. Since the pump is comparatively light, this reduces the vehicle’s kerb weight by about 88 kilograms. This lets us transport more liquid manure to the field in a single load, saving time and helping us use resources efficiently.

What overall benefit do you see in a comparison of the slurry application technology used previously?
With the new Vogelsang products we increase our profitability. We work more precisely, use the nutrients in the liquid manure more efficiently and make full use of our transporters’ payloads.

Profile: Dettmer Contractors

Company name: Dettmer Agrar-Service GmbH
Managing Director: Gerd Dettmer
Location: Kettenkamp, Lower Saxony
Number of employees: > 100
Services: Subcontracted work
Annual liquid manure consumption: approx. 670,000 cubic metres Farmed land: approx. 7,000-10,000 hectares
Vogelsang liquid manure technology: BlackBird with 24 meter working width, ExaCut ECQ, GL series rotary lobe pump, SwingMax with 30 meter working width, rotary lobe pumps with a capacity of 6000 l/min or 9000 l/min.