Andrea Zannoni chose Vogelsang
Vogelsang enological pumps offer high performance that other pumps don't have

"I chose Vogelsang because it currently offers the best solution on the market for pumping wine"
Andrea Zannoni, wine technician, Cantina di Val d'Oca, Valdobbiadene, Italy

The Cantina di Val d'Oca, located in Valdobbiadene, Italy was founded in 1952 and produces Prosecco Superiore DOCG and Prosecco DOC Treviso, at about 18,000 bottles per year. Since the 2018 harvest, it has adopted the Vogelsang enological pump technology with rotary lobes. We have three Vogelsang pumps in our facility: one pump is permanently installed in crushing to move the crushed grapes, and two mobile pumps used for decanting and feeding must and wine to equipment inside the winery such as the centrifuge, autoclaves and tangential filter.
During harvest the Vogelsang pumps work every well along line lengths even greater than 200 meters from the catch to arrival in the tank. One of the two mobile pumps worked continuously from 10 to 12 hours at a time, while the other pump worked for 48 hours straight without stopping.
In addition, the fixed pump for unloading trucks was a rewarding surprise. The drivers could not hear any sound or vibration from the pump and were amazed at the speed when emptying the trailers after telling them that they could start again. We often use the manual function of "start and stop" on the touch-screen control panel. Since we have very large tanks, we have little time to move large quantities of wine and set a high, constant flow rate to carry large volumes quickly, but avoiding banging.

Another useful automatic function that we use is the constant suction to ensure we empty the tanks well and to wash the lines after we are finished with the transfer. We also utilize the smartphone application, which even allows us to manage the pump remotely, thus facilitating the work. We no longer need two operators for the pump - just one pump manages to do the job easily. There is a variety of advantages of Vogelsang pumps in the cellar.The first is lightness because we can really carry it anywhere. The next advantage is the easy speed management with the possibility of adjusting and reversing the flow rate. I can move a lot or a little volume, depending on the applications. Finally, the great advantage is the lobe, as it does not make noise or vibrations, and does not stress the wine, thus maintaining all its properties. It provides high performance that you don't find in any other pumps and, in my opinion, right now, it's the best in the field.

Company portrait: Val d'Oca Srl – Cantina Produttori di Valdobbiadene, Italy

The company Val d'Oca Srl – Cantina Produttori di Valdobbiadene, Italy
Testimonial Andrea Zannoni
Position Wine technician
Year founded 1952
Wine-growing partners 600 shareholders
Production 18000000 bottles a year of Prosecco Superiore DOCG and Prosecco DOC Treviso
Vogelsang Products and Solutions 3 enological pumps, series VX 136 – 210, 2 in the mobile version, 1 permanently installed in the grapes receiving area