Marco Cescon chose Vogelsang
He uses the Vogelsang wine pump to move the wine in every process of the winery

“I chose Vogelsang because the lobe pump does not harm the product at all."
Marco Cescon, owner and winemaker, Mani Sagge, San Pietro di Feletto, Treviso

Mani Sagge is a family passion that has existed in the hills of Valdobbiadene for over 100 years with 18 hectares of directly owned properties. The whole transformation from grape to wine is an internally managed process. You can taste the finished product in our company. Throughout the year we produce 300,000 bottles: 200,000 under our own brand and 100,000 for other companies. Our goal is to continue our growth in the future.
As a company we decided to buy a Vogelsang lobe pump because we considered Vogelsang to be the best technological partner for these specific production processes. The wine pump is used in various stages of the wine making, but in particular in the handling of the wine in the fermentation process. For the first fermentation we are talking about twenty tanks, where the wine needs to be pumped several times. Another fundamental phase is the production of the sparkling wine. The bottling is done with external partners. Therefore all the wine is moved with tank trucks using the same trolleyed Vogelsang lobe pump we use to optimize the work in our cellar.

Our wine pump is a VX 136-105 Q model, a pump that has a maximum flow rate of about 500 hl/h. In addition it is equipped with a control panel and can be easily controlled by an app, which is a huge advantage when it comes to usability. Due to the young average age of our cellar staff, all are used to smartphones. Having a system that speaks the same language as our people makes the operational use of the machine simple from the first use. For us this is also fundamental for minimizing possible mistakes that could potentially damage the wine.
Because of the control technology the pump is able to exchange data regarding the pressures, flow rates and work cycles that need to be carried out. This allows us to greatly simplify the daily work that the machine carries out in the cellar, facilitate the work of our winemakers and keep track of all the operations that are carried out on the wine. In this case, technology helps to simplify processes and work with higher quality.

Company portrait: Mani Sagge, San Pietro di Feletto (Treviso), Italy

The company Mani Sagge, San Pietro di Feletto (Treviso), Italy
Testimonial Marco Cescon
Position Owner and Winemaker
Year founded over 100 years ago
Production 300,000 bottles a year of Prosecco Superiore DOCG and Prosecco DOC
Vogelsang Products and Solutions VX 136-105Q wine pump