Rotary lobe pumps for pumping molasses
Case Study – Pumping Molassesin a tank farm in Bremen, Germany


Pumping demanding media from jetty to tank storage.


Rotary lobe pump VX186-260 QD as ship loading pump.

The customer

The customer has specialized in the procurement and distribution of molasses and related products. Therefore, it operates a tank farm in Bremen, Germany, for loading and unloading vessels, storage tanks, loading tank trucks and general cargo in IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Container).

The problem

Molasses is a highly viscous product that is produced in the manufacture of sugar. The viscosity of the mass depends on various factors, such as the country of origin, temperature and whether it is molasses from sugar cane or sugar beet. Pumping this mass, especially over a longer distance with a gradient and changing viscosity, places enormous demands on the pumping technology.

The solution

The customer's premises include a jetty from which the molasses is pumped into one of the three tanks on the bank.
Rotary lobe pumps of the VX186-260QD and VX186-130Q models are used for this.
The customer also has other, partly mobile pumps from the VX series for filling tank trucks and IBCs.
Rotary lobe pumps from Vogelsang are self-priming and insensitive to dry running and foreign bodies, which leads to low wear and thus to high system availability. Furthermore, they enable pulsation-free running so that the molasses can be pumped gently and without foaming.
These properties are particularly important to the customer for problem-free delivery of his goods, which is why he has placed his trust in rotary lobe pumps from Vogelsang for almost 20 years

Advantages of the VX series

  • Self priming
  • Insensitive to dry running and foreign bodies
  • Pulsation-free conveyance
  • Easy to maintain