Powerful shredding of condemned material
Case Study – RedUnit in a poultry processing plant


Production waste in poultry processing too bulky. This results in high storage and transport costs.


RedUnit: Combination of shredding and pump technology. Modules: XRipper XRL + CC series.

The customer and the problem

A poultry processing company based in Great Britain prepares whole chickens for retail, from the delivery of the live animals to the finished end product. Chickens that fall on the floor or are damaged as a result of the process are filtered out by the company. This produces around a ton of waste per hour.

The poultry processing company had the meat waste delivered to an external company in bulk. Here, it was disintegrated for use in the animal feed market. The bulky cadavers were causing high storage and transport costs.

The solution

In 2018, the British company decided to take a more efficient approach to handling its waste. To this end, it now uses the RedUnit from Vogelsang with the twin-shaft XRipper XRL shredder and a CC series progressive cavity pump. The RedUnit shreds and pumps the poultry waste without any problem. The XRipper processes the bones, innards and meat at a speed that is adapted to the substances, enabling the pump to run at a constant speed. The shredder can withstand high loads and enables the processing of up to 80 chickens in one and a half minutes. Thanks to the shredding process, more mass can now be stored and transported using the same containers. This is reflected in the lower transport costs. Since the RedUnit does not require any additional downstream pumps or screw conveyors, it also saves the company space, energy and time.

Technical advantages of the RedUnit

  • Reliable, defined shredding of tough material
  • Individual assembly and configuration of the system components
  • Plug and Play concept for quick and easy integration into existing plants
  • Easy to control thanks to intelligent control unit and intuitive touch screen
  • Easy to service for high availability

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