Sassuolo Spurghi Srl: vacuum and transport of ceramic sludge
Case Study – Rotary lobe pump VX136-210Q


High wear of the pumps which move the sludge from ceramic production.


Rotary lobe pump VX136-210Q.

The customer and the problem

Sassuolo Spurghi is a family business founded in the eighties carrying out firstly the ecology service for industries, public companies and civil purposes in the province of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

Over the years it has specialized in drainage for private and commercial business, becoming the main point of reference for the ceramic industries of the area, dealing with the suction and transport of aqueous and powdery solid sludge produced by the industries. The main problem encountered following the transfer of this sludge was the wear of the mechanical seals. This wear is caused by the presence of ceramic residues such as glazes and slip in the sludge containing microgranules which, especially during the strong stresses due to the vibration od the pumps installed previously, interpose themselves between the slots of the pump causing the deterioration of the components in contact with the fluid.

The solution

The customer decided to equip the tanker dedicated to the management of ceramic sludge with the Vogelsang rotary lobe pump VX136-210Q driven by a double hydraulic motor. Vogelsang pumps smoothly transfer even viscous liquids and liquids with suspended solids content. In this way the loading and unloading operations of the tanks take place quickly and with a single pump, since the flow direction is reversible. The absence of vibrations makes the pumping process less turbulent and more fluid with a positive impact on the life of the components subject to wear.
Our pumps are perfect for mobile applications because they are compact. They are easy to maintain, thanks to the QuickService concept that does not require disassembly from the vehicle for quick replacement of worn parts.

Advantages of the rotary lobe pump

  • Noiseless and pulsation free pump
  • Less wear of components in contact with the fluid
  • Sistema di alimentazione del circuito idraulico più efficiente con ridotto consumo di olio
  • High performance even with high torque
  • Flow reversibility