Optimal nutrient management through separation on your own farm
The press screw separator XSplit for agricultural applications

As the number of animals increases, so does the amount of farm manure. This, as well as weather influences in the different seasons and fertilization according to requirements, mean that the fertilizer cannot be used completely in areas where livestock are kept. This leads to storage problems or even transport problems. Because storage capacities are not infinitely available and the transport of raw slurry has only low transport efficiency.

Separation can remedy this and provide further advantages in dealing with nutrient management on the farm. By separating the raw slurry with the XSplit, solid from liquid components are separated and can be stored separately. Especially in the case of solid slurry with high dry matter content, the volume is reduced and the existing storage capacity can be used more efficiently.

Moreover, slurry consists of approx. 90 % water. If liquid components are separated before transport, higher nutrient contents are concentrated in a smaller space and transport becomes more profitable.

But separation technology has other advantages. Depending on the crop and the season, fertilization with separated farm manure can be adjusted accordingly. Especially the liquid phase is particularly suitable for fertilization on grassland. Due to the increased flowability, the fertilizer quickly penetrates the soil. The increased ammonium content also accelerates the nitrogen effect of the slurry.

Likewise, the slurry is homogenized by the separation technique. Slurry is a heterogeneous fertilizer that must be stirred before application. If there are fewer solid components in the slurry, the nutrients are automatically distributed more evenly. This eliminates the need for prior stirring.


Features of the XSplit

The inlet nozzle, like the filtrate nozzle, can be rotated in 90° increments and can be mounted both at the top and at the bottom in a connector size of 6". This allows flexible adaptation to the respective situation on site.
The screw of the XSplit press screw separator is made of stainless steel and specially armored for extra durability. Fiber pockets are integrated for self-cleaning.
The wear-resistant elastomer closure disc ensures automatic plug formation without the use of additional auxiliary agents.
The drive motor is located on the solid side and thus has no contact with the liquid during the separation. The conveying and separation direction is towards the drive. Therefore, the XSplit does not require an extra mechanical seal or radial shaft seal.
The length of the pressing area can be adjusted by means of a threaded spindle. A longer pressing area means higher dry matter content of the solid phase.
The sieve basket of the XSplit separator consists of three sieve elements. These are individually replaceable and enable optimum service performance and individual adaptation to the output medium.
The generous end cover provides easy access to the sieve and screw. In addition, four 6" cleaning ports provide good access to the interior of the XSplit. Service and maintenance work is completed quickly.

Options of the XSplit

With the stud frame, the XSplit is easily and quickly elevated. Pumps and, if necessary, a shredder can also be assembled on the base frame, so that the installation effort on site is reduced.
Compact unit including pump, optional shredder and the XSplit separator, which is folded out and positioned in an elevated position by means of hydraulics. Completely pre-assembled including static calculation, the basic hoisting gear is the ideal solution for changing locations.
Drive up, set up, connect, get started. Assembled on a trailer, the hoisting gear pro complete solution is the flexible variant for inter-company use. All components including hydraulics are fully assembled and connected to the controller. A generously dimensioned projection and ejection height make it possible, for example, to separate directly on high trailers.
Depending on the customer's requirements, we offer the necessary control technology for manual operation of the individual components up to control with touch panel and intuitive user interface.

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