Precision distributor ExaCut ECM by Vogelsang
ExaCut ECM

Efficient distribution in a small format
ExaCut ECM

  • 30 percent space and weight saving thanks to compact housing
  • Enormous cutting force thanks to innovative rotor concept
  • Can be used universally on any application
  • No additional air suction required
  • Only 20 litres of oil required


Precision in a compact design
ExaCut ECM: Efficient distribution

The ExaCut ECM sets new standards with its unique compact design. Its housing enables space and weight savings of up to 30 percent compared to other precision distributors. Despite its optimized cutting performance, the manifold remains lighter and more compact with the same inlet and outlet size. The cutting principle, inspired by the RotaCut, ensures an even flow of media without pulsation.

The innovative design of the ExaCut ECM achieves impressive cutting performance without the need for air suction, similar to its bigger brother, the ExaCut ECC. The proven change in direction of rotation ensures that the blade sharpness is continuously maintained, and the ECM only requires a minimum drive power of 20 liters/min oil volume flow.

In times of increasing drum diameters with unchanged transport dimensions, space optimization plays a decisive role. This is where the ExaCut ECM shines with its compact design, which minimizes the space required for the distributor and the hose package. Whether it's folding disc injectors or professional 30 m trailing shoe booms, the ECM offers precise distribution in the smallest of spaces.

Pioneering Innovation
Exacut ECM features

  • Revolutionary without air intake: Unlike other distributors, the ExaCut ECM does not require an air intake - a pioneering innovation.
  • Unrivalled compactness: It sets new standards in compactness and efficiency, with an unprecedented design.
  • Innovative cutting principle: The cutting principle is based on the RotaCut and ensures an even, pulsation-free media flow.
  • Lightweight with compact design: Outperforms other distributors with a 30% weight reduction and a more compact design, without sacrificing performance.
    • ​​​​​Continuous knife sharpness: The proven direction of rotation keeps the knives continuously sharp - for reliable precision.
    • Space-saving efficiency: In times of increasing drum diameters with the same transport space, this model minimizes space requirements and maximizes efficiency.