Vogelsang RoadPump: Fresh water supply and wastewater disposal for buses

Wastewater disposal from coaches

  • Hygienic and fast wastewater disposal system for coaches
  • Flushing and fresh water system for coaches
  • High availability of the system thanks to easy and onsite maintenance
  • Resistance to dry running and maximum tolerance of foreign matter
  • Easy handling and self service


Complete control of draining and cleaning your coach's wastewater tank
What the supply and disposal system RoadPump can do for you

The RoadPump is a disposal and supply station for washroom and toilet wastewater, specifically designed for bus stations, bus depots or stopping places and rest stops. It uses various collecting devices and its built-in pump system disposes wastewater safely and hygienically in the connected sewer system or collection tank. At the same time, it supplies tap and drinking water. The RoadPump’s robust vacuum technology and the intelligent design of the collection facilities prevent contamination of the road. To ensure a high level of user acceptance, the RoadPump has a simple structure. It can be operated without difficulty by any bus driver or station employee.

At the heart of the supply and disposal system RoadPump is the established rotary lobe pump technology. Vogelsang – the market leader in the field of toilet wastewater disposal in passenger train coaches – has been using pumps in this design around the world for more than twenty years. They have an outstandingly compact type of construction, are very easy to maintain, and are extremely resistant to foreign matter. Toilet paper, pieces of fabric and other contamination that is commonly present in wastewater do not impair the rotary lobe pump’s operation.

Vogelsang has designed several methods to dispose of the wastewater from buses with a RoadPump. Bus depots or stations of very different sizes, petrol stations or service areas – we have the perfect solution for you. The RoadPump is a totally clean and odorless system, avoiding contamination of the surfaces with feces or other foreign materials. The RoadPump is the easiest and the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of wastewater from buses and supply fresh and drinking water.

Depending on the requirements of your installation, we deliver the perfect solution for you. If you have a small bus depot, a public area or a private business, or even a big petrol station on the highway; if your prevision is to use the RoadPump once a week or several times an hour; we always come up with the perfect equipment to fit your needs, e.g., when it comes to mobile solutions, payment and authorization systems, remote  maintenance, weather resistance, unusual positioning or additional services such as a hygienic drinking water supply.

Collecting systems of the RoadPump

The Vogelsang BusPlug is collecting system of the RoadPump supply and disposal system for coaches
Vogelsang developed BusPlug to enable waste water to be drained quickly and conveniently from tanks in coaches. BusPlug can be retrofitted without a lot of effort and can be quickly and easily connected to the RoadPump via a coupling. Even larger disruptive matter such as lighters or paper towels can easily be vacuum-extracted. The closed system prevents unpleasant odors.
The CollectingMax consists of a large drip pan, which any employee or driver can quickly position under the outlet for toilet sewage on the bus. The system is easy to operate and fits all bus types perfectly. The drip pan is designed to enable a rapid outflow and prevent splashes from the waste toilet water. The CollectingMax is an efficient solution for smaller bus stations or bus depots, and also for rest stops. It can be used without difficulty by untrained personnel.

The series of the water supply and disposal system RoadPump

  • The mobile solution[br]RoadPump Eco
  • The cost-effective solution[br]RoadPump Easy
  • The premium solution[br]RoadPump Plus

The mobile disposal solution for bus companies
The supply and disposal system RoadPump Eco

RoadPump Eco is a mobile, cost-effective solution for small bus companies. It consists of a Vogelsang VX rotary lobe pump on a mobile trolley and a number of accessories that allow the RoadPump to be connected to the collection system. It can be used together with CollectingMax or with a BusPlug if these have already been installed in the bus.

The cost-effective water supply and disposal solution
The supply and disposal system RoadPump Eco

The RoadPump Easy is a cost-effective, stationary system in a weatherproof housing and is therefore ideal for private bus companies. The wastewater tanks can be emptied with a CollectingMax trolley or directly via the odorless BusPlug suction connection. It is also possible to fill or flush the tank with flushing water. It is easy for the bus driver to operate.

The premium water supply and disposal solution for coaches
The fresh water supply and wastewater disposal system RoadPump Plus

The RoadPump Plus is a stationary system in a weatherproof housing, specially engineered for petrol stations, service areas, ferry ports or public areas such as bus stations. The wastewater tanks can be emptied with the CollectingMax trolley or directly via the odorless BusPlug suction connection. In combination with the BusPlug an automatic flushing of the wastewater tank can be done. All parts required for unplugging and supply are kept in the housing and are electromechanically locked, preventing vandalism and theft. The RoadPump Plus has a unique feature to offer: it has a drinking water filling facility, as well as a hygienic flushing system. It fulfills the requirements of drinking water quality according to the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA). The housing is heated, which prevents freezing of the individual components. The system can be equipped with different payment solutions. This version can also be set up as a self-service system. The design and operation are modeled on a petrol pump to simplify the installation in these facilities.