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  • Agricultural technology: Dribble bar system: Don't leave things hanging
  • Biogas: The service sensation - CC series progressive cavity pump
  • Industry: Achieving a higher yield: gelatin production
  • Wastewater: Trouble free operation in times of fatbergs and sewer monster trouble

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Read about current topics from Vogelsang in our current newsletter.

  • Agricultural technology: Dribble bar system: Don't leave things hanging
  • Biogas: The service sensation - CC series progressive cavity pump
  • Industry: Achieving a higher yield: gelatin production
  • Wastewater: Trouble free operation in times of fatbergs and sewer monster trouble

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Agricultural technology

Liquid manure and digestates are an important resource for agriculture. These highly valuable nutrient sources containing trace elements and organic forming matter and they are becoming more important as the cost of mineral fertilizer rises. Though improved liquid manure technology comes at a price, it enables huge savings. Why? The more uniformly liquid manure is deposited on or in the ground, the better the nutrients it contains can be utilized since emissions are minimized.

In this eNews! Edition we would like to show you how to optimally use the dribble bar system in order to take full advantage of its benefits.

The quality of Vogelsang's dribble bar technology is constantly improving on the basis of many years of practical experience and continuous technology enhancements. Our system is synonymous with nutrient-efficient spreading and optimal distribution accuracy. The high-performance precision distributors ensure precise supply of the fertilizing nutrients to various spreading systems. The winning arguments for using the dribble bar are its maximumworking width and distribution accuracy, and the way it deposits the nutrients exactly where the plants need them. Moreover, with Vogelsang dribble bar systems, the hose lengths are all virtually the same, so the liquid manure reaches the ground almost simultaneously across the entire working width right from the start.

However, the technology has to be used correctly in order to reap the full benefits. If the boom is being moved just a couple of inches over the ground, then it is being used incorrectly. Vogelsang uses extra-rigid hose ends. When used correctly, these hose ends to separate the plants to deposit the fertilizer directly on the soil, as shown in the image. The fertilizer is thus absorbed directly into the soil, while the plant cover that closes up again over the soil provides protection from the wind and the sun. This keeps nutrient losses to a bare minimum. So the next time you’re spreading liquid manure with the dribble bar, be sure to consider the positioning to get the most value out of your system. Learn more about the dribble bar system by Vogelsang and its benefits.

What do you have to consider when researching which spreading technology best fits with your farm? Perhaps, it's examing the soil and liquid manure type or observing weather patterns or even reviewing all the farm processes. This is exactly the type of research that Dirk and Hubert Schulze Robert, two owners of a pig-fattening plant in the Münsterland region of Germany, executed when looking for the right technology to suit their farm needs.

These owners carried out a precise analysis of their plant in order to find the appropriate spreading technology for crop farming, pig fattening, sandy soil and rounded areas. All these considerations and the ability to spread liquid manure more flexible especially in varied weather conditions and with taller crops justified using the dribble bar system. The dribble bar system places the liquid manure and all its nutrients directly under the crop so there is no need to make trenches in the earth, which avoids the risk of damaging the crops. For this reason among others, the dribble bar was a clear yes for Dirk and Hubert Schulze Robert! Get to know more about their positive experience with the Vogelsang dribble bar system in an exclusive interview with Dirk Schulze Roberg.


Ongoing developments in the renewable energy sector are continuously placing new requirements on the operators of biogas plants, which often results in more effort and additional costs. As revenues are often fixed on a long term, always the question remains on how to reduce costs and effort for operation, maintenance and at the same time ensure trouble-free and smooth operation. 

There are many potential opportunities to optimize a biogas plant, but how do you make it economical? Read here the quick and easy maintenance and part change of the QuickService progressive cavity pump, which keeps down times at a minimum and plant operations smoother saving you money in the end.

Easier, quicker and more effective

At the end of 2014, Vogelsang surprised the specialist world yet again with a very innovative product: a unique, incomparably easy-to-maintain progressive cavity pump. The reason? Our biogas experts realized that there were no progressive cavity pumps available specifically adapted to the precise requirements and needs of biogas plants. As an experienced partner to the biogas sector, Vogelsang saw this as a call to action.

What operators want: The QuickService progressive cavity pump

Many users were frequently unsatisfied with the overall performance of conventional progressive cavity pumps in everyday operations. And in discussions with operators and plant employees, they acknowledged the rotary lobe pump and the RotaCut macerator among biogas plant technology but asked why Vogelsang didn’t build a progressive cavity pump in a similar way. And so the development department at Vogelsang set out to precisely undertake this challenge. The result: an innovative and unique concept for rapid maintenance and parts replacement that doesn’t apply to only small, manageable pumps.

Servicing without disassembling the discharge or suction pipe

Thanks to the clever swiveling mechanism, it’s not necessary to disassemble the discharge or suction pipe. Pumping elements can be accessed in a straightforward manner. This enables parts to be replaced with speed and ease. Long downtimes, which hinder continuous and smooth biogas plant operation are thus avoided. The pump is ready for operation again in a short time.

Furthermore, the CC series convinced the biogas market with its useful features and options along with a sturdy cardan shaft that is protected by a robust sleeve, which doesn't need to be dismantled for the change of pumping elements or seal. The wish for a service friendly progressive cavity pump was finally granted! Read more about the special features of the innovative CC series.

Higher gas yield with efficient disintegration

Since continuous research and development of our biogas products is our way to meet and adapt to the needs of our customers, Vogelsang proudly introduces the latest version of the DisRuptor, an individually adaptable system for mechanical disintegration. The DisRuptor ensures efficient preparation of substrates rich in structure and has been further enhanced to reduce its power requirements by improving the functional unit. Additionally, the DisRupter can be delivered as a plug and play solution with PCU Control.

Due to its high throughput and flexible concept, the Innovation Award-winning system is ideally suited for biogas plants that ferment many fibrous and rich in structure substrates such as dung, maize, straw and landscape conservation material. The throughput of up to 80 m3/h with viscous organic suspension in combination with only 15 kW installed drive power makes disintegration with the DisRuptor highly economical. Thanks to the low operating costs per m3 of a disintegrated substrate, the investment in substrate preparation using DisRuptor pays off within a short time. Read more about this flexible and economical DisRuptor.

Performance Control Unit – Pioneering control technology for your biogas plant

Control technology is also becoming an increasingly important and integral part of biogas plants. With the Performance Control Unit (PCU), we offer a solution that allows efficient and largely autonomous operation of sub-systems and components, thus making processes efficient and trouble-free. The PCU monitors the operation and presents a clear overview of the key data and resolves malfunctions that arise automatically. Thanks to its ProfiNet connection and OPC-UA interface, it can network a multitude of components and enables both machine-to-machine (M2M) and human-machine (HMI) communication.

The PCU's easy-to-understand HTML user interface with visual operating elements and intuitive user guidance ensures that the user can quickly and easily view operating data and edit parameters directly on-site or via remote control. Besides the capacity of the individual units, the control system monitors additional parameters, identifies faults early and fully rectifies them automatically in early stages. The PCU thus ensures efficient plant operation every day. Want to know more about the PCU system? Contact us, and our biogas experts will gladly offer you assistance.


Industrial applications from the chemical and oil industries to the food sector must meet specific and stringent requirements when it comes to production and disposal processing. This means utilizing reliable and efficient pumping technology that can not only handle abrasive, aggressive or highly viscous media but also adapt to the medium. After all, a safe, trouble-free process and low maintenance efforts will save time and money.

Discover how Juncà Gelatines increased their production yield and improved operational processes with the installation of the BioCut maceration and pump unit.

Juncà Gelatines is a family run company in Spain that manufactures food and pharmaceutical gelatines, food derivatives and collagen-producing nearly 5,000 tons a year. With the aim to increase yearly production and to further optimize operation processes, they decided to install Vogelsang's BioCut, maceration and pump unit, to macerate the partly pre-boiled pig rind at the final stage of the extraction process.

The BioCut has allowed them to further extract collagen from the raw material increasing the overall throughput rate. The clever ACC hydraulic system in the shaft of the unit provides consistent pressure between the blade and cutting screen enabling automatic operation and minimizing the need to open the unit to adjust the blades. And the pump can easily and smoothly convey the fluid containing solid particles due to the HiFlo® lobes.

"Thanks to the BioCut we have reduced the processing time and electricity consumption and improved the efficiency of the complete system, as well as the quality of the final product."

Jordi Muxach, the chief engineer at Juncà Gelatines, Banyoles, Spain

Read more on how the BioCut has helped the company achieve their production goals here.

As the new year pushes forward, preparations for the anticipated International Trade Fair for the Meat Industry (IFFA) are well underway, which only occurs every 3 years and this year it takes place at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center on May 4 - 9 (hall 9.1, booth A92). With around 1,000 exhibitors and an expected 60,000 visitors, the IFFA is the culmination of the meat industry bringing together the sector's leading experts and market leaders.

For the first time, Vogelsang will exhibit its products and solutions for meat processing at IFFA. Vogelsang's main focus will be on the modular solid grinder, RedUnit. At the show, the RedUnit will be presented to a wide audience of experts in the meat industry reviewing its robust technology of the XRipper XRL grinder, CC series progressive cavity pump and RotaCut RCQ macerator. Interested operators of slaughterhouses and meat processing companies can get a first-hand impression of the unique combination of shredding and pumping systems. The advantages of the RedUnit speak for themselves: modular design for a tailor-made solution, low power and water consumption, robust shredding by the monolithic design of the XRipper and easy commissioning by means of an intelligent control system and a plug-and-play solution. Check out more details on the RedUnit here.


Changing lifestyles, ongoing tasks to reduce costs and an aim to reduce power consumption continuously influences wastewater collection and purification. Safe and reliable wastewater disposal becomes more and more important for the protection of waterways and the environment but also to maintain a steady quality of life in general. At the same time, fatbergs and rags are challenging troublemakers in sewer systems and leading to increased operating expenses.

Read how easy it is to avoid fatbergs and malfunctions from sewer monster troubles, and how easy it is to reduce power consumption and costs of existing equipment by using state-of-the-art wastewater grinder and control technology.

Fatbergs and other sewer monsters

Even though they have no business being there, operators find large quantities of wipes, cotton buds, panty liners, plasters, clothing and other textiles in sewers. If grease, oils and food waste are disposed into the sewer system, huge so-called fatbergs are formed. And it's not only a problem for the UK, USA and big cities worldwide. Alleged fatbergs have been blocking sewer systems in London, as well as in the suburbs of Detroit and the British seaside town of Sidmouth. Sewer monsters have also been reported in sewers across Sydney and Toronto. They can be as big as a blue whale and weighing the same as several double-decker buses, causing widespread disruption and taking days and even weeks to eliminate them.

However, the biggest problem is the masses of wet wipes and baby wipes clogging sewers. Wastewater associations and municipalities must invest significant resources to ensure that the sewage system performs smoothly, while also keeping the wastewater charges as low as possible. A study by Water UK found that wipes made up 93% of the 300,000 sewer blockages that it manages each year. And in the small Austrian province of Styria, it's estimated that blockages from wipes cost 3.6 million euros. Furthermore, the government in Germany assumes that every year a high double-digit million amount of costs are caused. But the good news is that there are technical solutions on how to manage these issues even prevent such sewer monsters. It’s time to eliminate the monster troubles - learn ways how to keep them away here.

Greater efficiency through intelligent control and networking

It’s known in Germany as “Industrie 4.0,” in France as “Industrie du future” and in the USA as the “Internet of Things (IoT).” Almost everyone has heard at least one of these buzzwords by now and has more or less an accurate idea of what the fourth industrial revolution entails. Following on from mechanization, mass production and automation, we are now seeing extensive computerization of production sequences and processes.

The basis for this development is formed by structured, automated communication between people, machines, systems and logistics. The result will be a largely self-organized and flexible system that covers the entire value chain. So what does Water 4.0 have in store for us? Due to the large numbers of decentralized pump stations and other structures, wastewater companies, in particular, can benefit from networking all their components together using modern IT and basing it on model applications. Smart control systems like the PCU ensure trouble free and smooth processes. Because of the easy-to-follow visual elements and an intuitive navigation system, Vogelsang’s HTML-based user interface makes it simple for the user to access data they require. Operating statuses, operating data and settings are displayed clearly, easily accessible and can be adjusted without any complications. In the end, simple handling and greater transparency will provide targeted and customized management in order to find solutions for malfunctions and better adapt to the future. Read more on the outlook of Water 4.0.


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