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  • Agricultural technology: Agritechnica: Launch of the ExaCut ECQ
  • Biogas: A solution for every substrate
  • Industry: Efficient fish waste and by-products processing with the RedUnit
  • Wastewater: Get a grip on wet wipes with reliable pump technology

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Read about current topics from Vogelsang in our current newsletter.

  • Agricultural technology: Agritechnica: Launch of the ExaCut ECQ
  • Biogas: A solution for every substrate
  • Industry: Efficient fish waste and by-products processing with the RedUnit
  • Wastewater: Get a grip on wet wipes with reliable pump technology

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Agricultural technology

Liquid manure and digestates are an important resource for agriculture. These highly valuable nutrient sources containing trace elements and organic forming matter and they are becoming more important as the cost of mineral fertilizer rises. Though improved liquid manure technology comes at a price, it enables huge savings. Why? The more uniformly liquid manure is deposited on or in the ground, the better the nutrients it contains can be utilized since emissions are minimized.

The new ExaCut ECQ precision distributor does just this with more precise nutrient distribution and faster, easier maintenance. Read in this eNews edition about the launch of the ExaCut ECQ at Agritechnica as well as how it won over Contractor, Jörg Henke.

Agritechnica, the leading agricultural machinery and equipment trade fair, will be taking place this year in Hanover from November 10 – November 16. Over 458,000 attendees come to see the latest farming technology and this year there will be 12 main segments, including tractors and transport, soil and seed, harvest, fertilizing and special crops. Vogelsang will be launching the new precision distributor ExaCut ECQ at their booth. This distributor has a complete new QuickService concept with maintenance performed in just a few minutes. The large maintenance port allows easy access to all internal parts providing an overall faster and easier maintenance. Additionally, the innovative distributor ensures an even better distribution of liquid manure due to the flow optimization with improved rotor and housing, added flow guide plates and larger cross-sections. Join us and get to know the ExaCut ECQ along with all our agricultural technology at:

November 10 –16, 2019
Hanover Fairground , Hanover, Germany
Hall 23, booth B35

Agritechnica 2019

Contractor Henke GmbH, Jörg Henke has tested the new ExaCut ECQ distributor with his contracting company and is very pleased with the results. The ExaCut ECQ allows nutrients to be distributed extremely precisely with faster maintenance and reduced power requirements.

Henke says about the ExaCut ECQ:

„We already achieve very good longitudinal and lateral distribution in slurry distribution with the haul hose distributor, and I promise myself that with the new ECQ distributor, we will go further down the maintenance intervals in terms of maintenance, faster maintenance and even better service. Once again, we can not give away the small amounts we spend, it has to go to the place where it belongs and I think we have taken the right step with it what we have experienced over the last 15,000 m³ has looked very good and we are very good at making progress.“

ExaCut ECQ


Ongoing developments in the renewable energy sector are continuously placing new requirements on the operators of biogas plants, which often results in more effort and additional costs. Since revenues are often fixed on a long term, the question remains on how to reduce costs and effort for operation and maintenance so as to ensure trouble-free and smooth operations. 

Profitable operations of a biogas plant is strongly linked with reliable and efficient technology. In this edition of the THINK RED! eNews we talk about how digester feeding plays a key role here and review optimal feeding solutions by Vogelsang.

Biogas equipment must be safe and efficient to allow economical operation of the biogas system. In this respect digester feeding has a key function. This is why we have developed reliable systems for feeding solid matter in a mashed form which is best suited for bacteria. Thanks to this feeding, which is ideal for the microorganisms, you can increase the gas yield and reduce your energy requirements for mixing, stirring and pumping.

The system needs to fit to the substrates and this is indispensable for cost-effective solid matter feeding. In addition, it needs to fit to the size and type of the plant. For retrofitting on existing plants, the system should respect the plant and be adapted accordingly. That’s why we offer proven solutions for each plant concept and substrate allowing for bacteria-friendly feeding of various substrates, even by-products, residues, manure, dung, straw or bio- and food waste. Our solutions enable reliable solid matter preparation and feeding in a mashed form that fits to your needs. This optimal feeding will maximize biogas production and decrease energy costs. Thanks to this optimal feeding, gas yield is increased and energy requirements for mixing, stirring and pumping are reduced.

Here are some optimal feeding solutions:

CC-Cut: The powerful pump system

Specially developed for biogas plants with mashing tanks, the CC-Cut is the efficient combination of the Vogelsang positive displacement pump and upstream RotaCut® wet macerator.

  • Reliable and trouble-free processing and conveying of highly viscous bio suspensions
  • Reduces harmful solids and separates heavy material in front of the pump
  • Low space requirements thanks to its extremely compact design
  • Maintenance and parts exchange can be completed easily and quickly on-site


CC-Mix: The economical liquid feeding system

Cost-effective digester feeding for flowable to slightly pasty solids, such as corn silage, pet food or fruit and vegetable remains.

Economically mashes easy-to-handle biomass into a homogenous bio suspension.

  • Easy to integrate with compact dimensions
  • Separates heavy material like stones before entering the pump
  • Economical feeding of several fermenters with one system
  • Simple servicing and parts exchange on-site


PreMix: The universal 4-in-1 liquid feeding system

Developed for a wide range of substrates from manure and pulpy residues to large-volume fruits or dry biomass such as straw. Separates, mashes, treats and pumps with just one unit.

  • Separation of heavy material and reduction of coarse, fibrous matter before pump
  • Low space requirements and easy to install thanks to compact dimensions
  • Feeding of several fermenters with just one unit
  • Easy maintenance and fast parts exchange on-site


Reliable pumping and solid matter feeding technology are both important for trouble free and economical operation of biogas plants. Likewise, our QuickService progressive cavity pump of the CC series is unique, service friendly and innovative, offering an exclusive price-performance ratio and an extensive portfolio of features and options. An additional benefit is the fact that the CC series is part of our proven solid matter feeders. But what makes this CC series so special and how does it work? Now you can experience the CC series pump interactively and see what makes it stand out from conventional progressive cavity pumps.

CC series  

Check out our new CC series interactive app here!  

Interactive app


Industrial applications from the chemical and oil industries to the food sector must meet specific and stringent requirements when it comes to production and disposal processing. This means utilizing reliable and efficient pumping and shredding technology that can not only handle abrasive, aggressive or highly viscous media but also adapt to the medium. After all, a safe, trouble-free process and low maintenance efforts will save time and money.

Read how the Vogelsang RedUnit industrial shredder is an economical solution for  the fish processing industry and how the rotary lobe pump plays an important role as a transfer pump for the fire services.

Production processes in the food industry are as diverse as the food itself. Because the raw materials and waste must be extracted for further processing, there are high demands placed on extraction and shredding techniques requiring reliable technology. When it comes to fish processing it often begins on board of the fishing vessel. Heads, bones and other fish waste must be crushed and the fish itself treated carefully to obtain useful by-products such as fish oil and fishmeal. An industrial shredder like Vogelsang’s RedUnit can reliably treat, shred and even pump such demanding solids so that they can be further processed.

The advantage of the RedUnit is its compact, custom design of shredding and pumping solutions to meet the needs of the application. Depending on the desired particle size, the fish media will first enter the RedUnit via a filling shaft, which a rotary lobe pump of the VX series can be implemented here to add additional liquid if necessary. The first stage of coarse shredding of large volume materials is carried out by the XRipper XRL twin-shaft grinder made of robust, steel monolithic rippers. This allows higher loads and a more powerful shredding protecting downstream equipment. From here the CC-series progressive cavity pump optionally delivers the mixture to the user-defined destination, for example, into a container or transport trailer. Another option is to mix the shredded medium in the mixing zone of the RotaCut RCX wet cutter with liquid and reduce it to an even smaller particle size for the likes of fish oil extraction . The resulting suspension is finally conveyed by a progressing cavity pump of the CC series.

The smaller the particle pieces, the better they can be used for the ongoing fish-related processes. The combination of shredding and pumping technology offers numerous advantages over individually used machines: It requires less space, is easier to control and maintain, and stands for maximum operational reliability. The energy requirement can also be reduced, because the individual components are assembled vertically and less energy is needed. Therefore, the RedUnit is ideal for not only fish processing and extraction to make by-products, but for the entire meat and food processing industry. Read about all the advantages of the RedUnit .


Efficient Vogelsang pump technology for fire services and the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW)

In rescue operations undertaken by the fire service or the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW), it is important to provide help quickly and to prevent or at least minimize damage, for example to the environment. This requires pump technology that is efficient, reliable, immediately ready for use and tailored to the individual type of application. The versatile Vogelsang rotary lobe pump with elastomer-coated lobes, proven in many demanding applications, is impervious to foreign bodies and also suitable for viscous and highly aggressive media. At the recent Florian trade fair for fire services, civil protection and disaster control in Dresden, Germany, Vogelsang successfully presented its solutions for this area to the trade public for the first time.  A VX series ATEX-compliant transfer pump and an IQ series compact all-purpose pump were presented live at the booth as a representation of the broad portfolio:

The portable ATEX-compliant transfer pump

Specially developed for use with hazardous materials from viscous media to aggressive chemicals

  • Mobile and ATEX compliant (Ex II 2G cb IIB T3)
  • Over 300 l/min capacity regardless of pressure and viscosity
  • Impervious to foreign bodies and impurities
  • All metal parts that contact the medium are made of corrosion-resistant steel
  • In sturdy stainless steel frame with carrying handles, wheel set and suspension point for cranes

Mobile and compact all-purpose pumps

For large masses of water during floods or heavy rainfall events

  • Up to 20,000 l/min capacity and pressures up to 12 bar
  • Wide range of design and drive options
  • Flexible connections for the simplest possible hose connection in every situation
  • Impervious to foreign bodies and impurities
  • Snore mode or suction of sludge capability
  • Different designs for easy transport

In discussions with experts, the trade visitors were won over by the advantages and versatility of our rotary lobe pumps during the trade fair and were able to check which pump is suited for their respective area of application.


Ongoing tasks to reduce costs, changing lifestyles and an aim to reduce power consumption continuously influences wastewater collection and purification. Safe and reliable wastewater disposal becomes more important for the protection of waterways and the environment but also to maintain a steady quality of life in general. At the same time, fatbergs and rags are challenging troublemakers in sewer systems and leading to increased operating expenses. That’s why integrating efficient and reliable technology for wastewater purification is key.

In our latest eNews edition we show you how the city of Wildeshausen in Germany uses the Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps to successfully combat with wet wipes and the issues of hydrogen sulfide in their sewage system.

The problem with sewage blockers practically solved with robust and reliable pumps.

Malfunctions and disruptions in sewage are often caused by wet wipes and sanitary products, which are disposed of incorrectly through the toilet. As many wet wipes consist of a water- and tear-resistant fleece, they don’t entirely dissolve in the wastewater clogging pumps, fittings and pipes. Hydrogen sulfide in the sewage system is also a challenge for many water associations and municipalities. It is formed, among other things, in oversized canals that have a low flow rate and damages ducts, pipes and technical equipment.

A robust and powerful pumping technology helps to overcome these complex challenges, like the city of Wildeshausen demonstrate. The growing number of wet wipes in their sewage was creating clogged pumps. However, an investment to modernize the pump stations using Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps would be able to convey sanitary products and textiles without difficulty. They were also experiencing hydrogen sulfide that was forming in a 3.5-km-long pressure pipeline. This was causing foul smelling gas and acid that was affecting the pumps’ pipes and fittings. The pump technology upgrade consisted of robust and powerful VX rotary lobe pumps, which provided an ecomomical and efficient solution to these challenges.

Read the entire case study of Wildeshausen.

To article "Wet wipes? No trouble!"

Less pumps, pipes, fittings and valves by using rotary lobe pumps.

Membrane filtration is a modern, state-of-the art-solution for wastewater purification and interestingly enough, to clean process water so it can used again. Compared with conventional technology it is efficienct and doesn’t require much space. Pumps suck the wastewater through the membranes which act like a filter.

But over time, the membranes are clogged by the filtered-out substances. So it is necessary to flush them with clean water at a high flow rate. Typically, impeller pumps are used here. But, because they can only convey in one direction, an extra pump, extra valves and extra pipework is needed. With rotary lobe pumps, this process can be much simpler and economical. Read how Rotary Lobe Pumps  simplify MBR filtration at Gumdan Industrial Complex in Incheon, Korea and thereby improves the performance.

Easy and efficient MBR filtration


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