The precision distributor ExaCut ECQ: Service-friendly, flexible and brilliant

Relying solely on distribution precision is old news; for work to be truly economical, the effort involved in actually spreading the liquid manure is essential.

So invest in technological progress that actually takes you further. With the versatile ExaCut ECQ, Vogelsang sets completely new standards for the precision distributor market. This is because the ExaCut ECQ is ambitious in terms of distribution precision yet absolutely modest when it comes to maintenance work and power requirements. Moreover, anyone can use it regardless of their fleet or the nature of the fields, since it can be combined with almost any linkage. No matter which technology you choose, you can rely on the ExaCut ECQ as the heart of your distribution technology.


The type of farm, specific crops, soil characteristics, statutory requirements – there are many factors that show that a dribble bar system is the best solution for spreading liquid manure. If you're using this technology, be sure to use it with the ExaCut ECQ. With the intelligently designed precision distributor, you are well equipped not only for today, but also tomorrow.

This is because the dribble bar will continue to be one of the most important and most profitable spreading techniques, even in the future. Why? The dribble bar system can be used in growing crops such as grain or corn, as well as on arable land. These flexible applications, with low-emission spreading of the liquid manure, shows how indispensable this technology is when it comes to legally compliant spreading of fertilizer.

However, even the best technology cannot fully fulfill its task if it is not used correctly. Because just like the trailing shoe ends, the trailing hose ends should also lie on the ground during the spreading process. If the drag hose linkage or the hose ends are not completely lowered to the ground, the nutrients do not get to where the plant can optimally absorb them, namely as close as possible to their roots – instead they are wasted.

Vogelsang dribble bar system at a glance

  • Most versatile spreading technology
  • Optimal use of nutrients: Liquid manure is deposited directly on the ground under the crop
  • Up to 55% lighter than comparable trailing shoe systems
  • Up to 45% less expensive than comparable trailing shoe systems

“We have been using the Vogelsang dribble bar system for 15 years and are convinced of its durability and longevity. Our experience with Vogelsang's aftersales service, such as being supplied with spare parts, has been excellent. Our clients value the precise distribution of the liquid manure and the spreading at soil level. We have a SwingUp with a working width of 15 meters, which we can use with the established tramlines and operate extremely powerfully. For the average field-to-farm distance of 2–3 km, we do not need any additional transport vehicles due to the low weight of the distribution technology."

The type of farm, specific crops, soil characteristics, statutory requirements – there are many factors that indicate that a trailing shoe system is the best variant for spreading liquid manure. With this option as well, there’s no need to dispense with the use of an ExaCut ECQ. Especially on grassland, a trailing shoe system is the most accurate way of spreading liquid manure. Skids separate the crops while driving over them, so the manure can be deposited in a thin strip beneath the shoots. This keeps the plants themselves clean and prevents the manure from growing out with the shoots, allowing it to get closer to the roots. This process has a positive impact on more than just the yield.

Vogelsang trailing shoe system at a glance

  • Precise spreading of liquid manure at the base of the plants
  • Economical and efficient use of nutrients
  • No plant contamination
  • Highly effective and relatively lightweight
  • Low wear and maintenance

The evidence
The ExaCut ECQ with the Vogelsang BlackBird trailing shoe system in the DLG test

The DLG has taken on the innovative Vogelsang product combination and evaluated it for functioning, quality of work, handling, operation and maintenance. Both cow and pig manure were used for the tests and the operating steps for spreading and maintenance corresponded to usual handling by expert practitioners.

The DLG results

  • Loading of all outlets in a maximum of 2 seconds = extremely short approach wedges
  • Very low mean deviations in the transverse distribution between 1.1% and 2.2% = distribution accuracy corresponding to a coefficient of variation of 1.4%
  • Easy control of the distributor heads in an upright posture = rapid emptying of the foreign body catch in less than 29 seconds
  • Excellent access to the two distribution heads = quick and easy replacement of the cutting elements rotor in under 20 minutes

"The new runner divides the crops in an optimal manner, while the spout ensures a very narrow strip of liquid manure."


ExaCut ECQ: Overview of advantages

  • Maintenance is faster and easier than ever
  • 50% longer service life
  • Even more precise nutrient distribution
  • 50% less power requirement
  • Large cross-sections for less pressure loss
  • Can be used on trailing shoe and dribble bar systems

ExaCut ECQ: Technical characteristics

Number of outlets 24 - 48
Hose diameter 40 DN, 50 DN
Side inlet diameter 100 DN, 125 DN, 150 DN

“We already achieve excellent longitudinal and transverse distribution when spreading liquid manure with the trailing hose distributor. With the new ExaCut ECQ distributor, I expect we’ll be even lower in maintenance at intervals, be faster and also take another step forward in longitudinal and transverse distribution. With the small quantities that we are spreading today, we cannot waste anything. The liquid manure must be placed where it belongs. With the ExaCut ECQ, we can also flexibly adjust the spreading quantities and always act in compliance with the fertilizer ordinance. The experience we have had over the last 15,000 m³ looked very good, and we are confident that we can apply the liquid manure with greater evenness and precision.”

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