Alberto Zanella chose Vogelsang
He trusts on Vogelsang liquid feeding system for his biogas plant

"I chose Vogelsang because the Vogelsang technology ensures trouble free and efficiency biogas production even with our demanding feedstock."
Alberto Zanella, owner of Azienda Agricola Sant’Agostino, Italy

Our farm have been in the family for generations, passed from my grandfather to my father and now to me. We rear calves on straw and cultivate 30 hectares arable land. In 2021 we decided to expand the farm with a biogas production and installed a 100kW AD plant, entirely powered by cattle dung from our own farm. After several researches, I chose the Vogelsang PreMix liquid feeding system, because our dung is very difficult. It is dry and contains long fibrous straw fibers. Other than that, I found out that the Vogelsang technology is creating an excellent mixed suspension. In this way, the solids are suitable prepared for the bacteria and floating layers in the digester are avoided.

We are the first small-scale biogas plant in Italy, which has installed the Vogelsang system, and we are very happy with it. Our experience confirm the result of my research and the PreMix enable us to keep the plant's own power consumption very low. Thus making even our small-scale 100 kW biogas plant efficient.

Video about the PreMix at Sant' Agostino

Customer portrait: Soc. Agr. Sant’Agostino

The company Soc. Agr. Sant’Agostino
Start-Up 2021
Nominal capcity 100 Kw
Input cattle dung with long fibrous straw and triticale
Products and solutions from Vogelsang PreMix solid matter feeder