Alexander Hackstedt chose Vogelsang
He uses the SwingMax dribble bar linkage for spreading liquid manure

"I chose Vogelsang, because in our industry it all comes down to technology that I can rely on.”
Alexander Hackstedt, contract manufacturer from Lower Saxony, Germany

Our family business manages 1,050 hectares in Lower Saxony. As a service provider, we have to deal with different liquid manure types and all kinds of field structures and sizes. This requires technology that can be used flexibly. Since 2021, we have been working with the SwingMax dribble bar linkage at a working width of 30 meters. Within the selection for ground level application technology, the linkage at this working width is one of the cheaper alternatives. Despite changing liquid manure types, we still see high application and distribution accuracy. This is also reflected in the later crops. Meanwhile, we have already spread approx. 120,000 cubic meters of liquid manure with the SwingMax and benefit from a high level of operational reliability.

Our proximity to the Vogelsang site in Essen (Oldenburg) also played an important role in our purchase decision. If spare parts are needed, we are supplied with them quickly, meaning that we can also quickly get back to work.

In addition to agricultural contract work, we are also active in the trade of nutrients. For this, we need pumps on the vehicle that can convey various media smoothly and reliably. These requirements are met by the rotary lobe pumps from Vogelsang. From liquid manure to digestates and other liquid products, our company can transport it all.

Customer portrait: Cl. Hackstedt

The company Cl. Hackstedt, Höltinghausen, Emstek
Testimonial Alexander Hackstedt
Position of the testimonial Contract manufacturer
Employees Family business with 16 employees
Services Agricultural contract work, Transport, Trade
Tasks of the product Sustainable liquid manure spreading with different media, pumping of different media
Technology from Vogelsang in use SwingMax dribble bar linkage with 30-meter working width, several rotary lobe pumps