The Aglioni's chose Vogelsang
They use the VX pumps for conveying viscous and waste oils

“We chose Vogelsang because the VX pumps are reliably, sturdy and without any vibrations and noises. That it is very appreciated by our customers because sometimes we work indoor without any disturbance for the operators which work in closed sites.”
Pierangelo, Matteo and Luigi Aglioni, owners of Aglioni Angelo Srl, Italy

Our company is a family business, Aglioni Angelo Srl, based in Calcio which has been operating since 1970 in the collection and storage of contaminated and non-contaminated waste produced by industries and crafts. For about a decade, it has been totally acquired by Luigi who, together with his sons Pierangelo and Matteo, today has full management of it.

Since we mainly deal with transport and storage services of liquid waste of various kinds and particularly viscous (such as waste oils, emulsions, antifreeze and solvents); we had to deal with reliable pumping technologies in line with the strictest safety criteria required by the sector, being concessionaires of the waste oil consortium.


In two fixed locations in the recently expanded storage area, we have installed two Vogelsang VX136-140Q rotary lobe pumps with electric motor and BOX connectors. These pumps essentially move liquid waste for filling the storage tanks in the company and for loading and unloading tankers.

Transport of used oils

We currently have four tankers in our fleet equipped with a VX136-105Q rotary lobe pump with hydraulic motor. The strenght and reliability of these lobe pumps allow us to transfer liquid waste, in particular used oil, in a way that is absolutely respectful of the environment and safety for the operators. In addition to being fast in the loading and unloading phases, we have always detected a complete filling of the tank which gives benefits in terms of cost savings in transport. The reversibility of the running flow and the compactness of the Vogelsang pump are other very important features. What is also very appreciated by our customers is that the absence of vibrations of the Vogelsang pumps and their silence allow to operate even in closed spaces without disturbing the work activities on construction sites or in companies

Customer portrait: Aglioni Angelo Srl, Italy

The company Aglioni Angelo Srl
Testimonial Luigi Aglioni and his sons Pierangelo and Matteo
Position Owners
Year founded 1970
Services The Company deals with: industrial drainage, used oil recovery, waste disposal (collection and storage)
Medium or segment specific information/ challenges Complete filling, Viscous oils
Vogelsang Products and Solutions VX136-105 Q & VX136-140 Q