Ermanno Mancini chose Vogelsang
He uses the RedUnit for the treatment of poultry slaughter

“I chose Vogelsang because the XRipper shredders can combine: 24/7 operation, reliability, low maintenance and low energy consumption.”
Ermanno Mancini, Plant Manager, Consorzio Gatteo Proteine, Itlay

We at Gatteo Proteine are a food cooperative which transforms poultry slaughter waste into pet food, i.e. flours that will be used in the pet food industry. The plant processes on average 10/12 tons of by-products per hour, with peaks of 20 t / h. The material, which arrives through a logistics capable of guaranteeing supply 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, originally underwent, as a first phase, a two-step shredding process: a coarser shredding, using a single shaft shredder, and a refinement by means of two mill shredders. Subsequently, the material is sent to the cooking, separation and drying departments.

The solution had some objective limitations. The main one was the high energy costs: the operation of the two shredders is about 650 kWh per day. And there is an important maintenance requirement: at least 5 hours per week, depending on whether one or two employees were employed, for a total of about 300 hours per year.

We therefore decided to have two Vogelsang RedUnits, XRL 186-520QD version in the system, mounted in parallel, to ensure redundancy and to cope with the aforementioned load peaks. The benefit in terms of cost savings and energy consumption can be clearly seen by analyzing the results obtained in our plant. Since the device requires 18 kW to operate, it has an energy requirement of around 250 kWh per day, compared to 650 for the old solution. Furthermore, the adoption of a single shredder instead of the previous two has made it possible to simplify the line and increase the possibility of automating the process. Finally, in the first year of activity it was never necessary, with an important saving, therefore, in manpower and materials.

Company portrait: Consorzio Gatteo Proteine a Gatteo (FC)

The company Consorzio Gatteo Proteine a Gatteo (FC)
Testimonial Ermanno Mancini
Position Plant Manager
Year founded 1998 – production started in June 1999
Amount of employees 14
Services The Consortium transforms by-products of poultry slaughter for the production of Pet Food.
Medium or segment specific information/ challenges Energy consumption reduced, technology more efficient and reactive to disruptive matters (less maintenance and less blockages)
Vogelsang Products and Solutions RedUnit (nr. 2) XRL 186-520QD