Jordi Muxach chose Vogelsang
He uses the BioCut for increasing the efficiency in gelatin production

"I chose Vogelsang, because the BioCut improves the efficiency of my plant and reduces the electricity consumption."
Jordi Muxach, Technical Manager, Juncà Gelatines SL, Spain

Animal gelatin is not just one of the food industry’s indispensable and important ingredient in desserts, meat and sausages, but it is also used in the processing of e.g. juices and dairy products. Furthermore gelatin is used increasingly in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.

Due to international competition and price pressure, gelatin manufacturers have to build up their production as efficient as possible in order to be and stay competitive. The cutting and pumping technology is one of the most important parts of the production process, because it has a huge impact on energy costs, on the quality of the product and of maximizing the output.

The family business of Junca Gelantines is Spain's largest producer of gelatin and collagen for different industry sectors such as e.g. gastronomy, dairy products and beverage producers. In the town of Banyoles in the Northeastern part of Spain the company, with just under 100 employees, produces approx. 5,000 tons of gelatin a year.

After analyzing the challenges and researching options, Juncà Gelatines decided to implement a BioCut in the production process – a powerful pumping system consisting of a progressive rotary lobe pump of the VX series in combination with a RotaCut wet macerator for a reliable and trouble-free pumping of the extremely sophisticated media like boiled pork rinds. Because in order to transport the boiled pork rinds during the extraction process, the centrifugal pump previously used was not able to completely release the collagen from the skins. The cooked pork rind and the partially contained collagen were therefore disposed of.

To reduce this waste, Juncà Gelatines decided to use the BioCut in the final section of the collagen extraction to extract the part of the collagen that remained in the rind. The rotary lobe pump of the VX series also carries pork rind much more gently and cautiously – this prevents quality losses in the collagen. In addition to higher collagen output in the production process and the reduced rejects, another important customer benefit, is increased energy efficiency by reducing power consumption significantly.

Company portrait: Juncà Gelatines SL

The company Juncà Gelatines SL
Testimonial Jordi Muxach
Position Technical Manager
Foundation 1947
Employees 97
Services Production of food gelatin, pharmaceutical gelatin, protein derivatives and collagen for various industrial sectors
Production Approx. 5,000 tons of gelatin a year.
Products and Solutions from Vogelsang BioCut pump system

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Animal gelatin is used as an ingredient in the food industry as well as well as an ingredient in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and in animal feed. Read here about how processes have been optimized at Juncà Gelatines in Spain due to installation of a BioCut.

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