Luigi Bagnoli chose Vogelsang
He uses the Vogelsang pump VX100-64Q

"I chose Vogelsang because the pump that has been calibrated to our needs is extremely delicate, has complete control of the dosing and allows you to work without interruptions"
Luigi Bagnoli, owner of Bagnoli Wines, Italy

At Bagnoli di San Damiano al Colle, from the beginning, we have bet on volume production that seeks uncompromising quality. The Vogelsang VX100-64Q lobe pump further improves the quality of the wines and simplifies bottling operations.

About a year ago, we bought a new Bertolaso filling line - a very high technology system capable of vacuuming the bottle before injecting the wine to eliminate any contact between the wine and oxygen. In order for the line to work, it was necessary to insert a pump between the autoclave and the filler. Not just any pump, but one that can be totally controlled by the filler and has very specific characteristics in terms of modulation of the flow rate and operating pressure. These requirements are to minimize splashing and the formation of foams that could block the filling line.

Although I am a fan of progressive cavity pumps, in this case, I wanted to try the rotary lobe technology, and I must say that it was a good choice. The pump that Vogelsang has calibrated to our needs handles the product extremely delicately, has complete control of the dosing and allows you to work without interruptions, reaching a bottling speed of 2,000 pieces per hour. This speed is maintained even with sparkling wines. 

Thanks to the lobe pump, we can operate at 4°C or 5°C instead of bottling at -2°C , which we do to avoid the formation of foams. Those in the trade know that this is quite another thing. The pump is able to compensate for any pressure fluctuations, ensuring ideal filling under all conditions, even at pressures of 6 or 7 bar. I don't think this would be possible with another type of pump.

In addition, the Vogelsang VX100-64Q can also be used as needed for various types of transfers and filling. We simply disconnect it from the connection to the filler to use it manually like any other pump we have in the plant.

Customer portrait: Bagnoli Soc. Agr

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