Rotary lobe pumps of the VX series by Vogelsang
VX series

Rotary lobe pump for every application
VX series

  • Easy maintenance, quick on-site service thanks to access to the pumping chamber simply by disassembling the cover
  • Cost-effective operation thanks to a high degree of efficiency
  • Comprehensive range of features and options
  • Self-priming, resistant to dry running and foreign matter
  • Long service life


The rotary lobe pump principle
How Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps work

The rotary lobe pump is a positive displacement pump. The pumping principle is based on two counter-rotating pumping elements, known as the rotary lobes. These are mounted on two synchronized shafts. The rotational movement of the lobes increases the volume of the pumping chamber on the suction side. This creates suction, which draws the medium into the rotary lobe pump. As the rotational movement continues, the medium is then enclosed in cavities between the rotary lobes and pump housing and it is issued on the discharge side by the pumping chambers as they reduce in size again; the rotary lobe pump conveys the medium directly. Due to their mirror-symmetrical design, rotary lobe pumps are independent of the direction of rotation and can pump in either direction without restriction. The HiFlo lobes developed in the 1990s operate pulsation-free, ensuring low-vibration and exceptionally gentle pumping.

Maintenance of Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps
How to disassemble a VX pump

  1. Open the cover:
    Unfasten four nuts, remove the cover and you have free access to the pumping chamber. If necessary, you can also replace the wear plate of the cover at this stage.
  2. Dismount the rotary lobes:
    Unfasten the strain bolts, remove the pressure discs on the lobes. Then place the puller on the lobes and dismount them.
  3. Remove the wear plates:
    After you have removed the lobes, all you have to do is remove two screws and you can remove the wear plate at the gearbox side.
  4. Remove the Quality Cartridge mechanical seal:
    Using a simple pull-out device, you can now pull out the Cartridge mechanical seal and then replace it just as easily.
  5. Assembly:
    Insert the wear plate at the gearbox side, fasten it with two screws, install the lobes and fasten them on the shaft with pressure discs, and put the cover in place.

Digitalize your product!
Control technology for Vogelsang technology

Investing in our progressive and smart control technology significantly boosts the performance and efficiency of Vogelsang machines and systems. It captures and continuously monitors key parameters like the capacity or throughput rate, rpm, pressure and power consumption. The control detects malfunctions early, and rectifies them by intervening appropriately. The integrated communication interfaces like ProfiNet and OPC UA can exchange data with other systems or a superordinate control in real time.

At the same time, the web-based user interface displays all key data clearly in all major browsers. Optionally, the data can be accessed on mobile devices for remote monitoring.

Our experts’ experience from hundreds of applications in various areas constantly inspires our software development and lays the foundation for the major benefits for the users: low operating costs, maximum availability and efficiency.

Our range of controls offers the right solution for all machine requirements and all customers’ needs. From ready-to-use, factory-tested and commissioned system solutions for end users, to basic versions for experts who want to put the finishing touches to the control technology themselves.

Options in control technology for the VX series

Features of the VX series

On rotary lobe pumps from Vogelsang, wear on the pump housing segments is compensated without using additional parts. This makes the most of the material and prolongs service life.

Additional information:
Axial wear plates are made from highly wear-resistant special steel and therefore extend maintenance intervalls. They offer protection for the entire pump chamber and therefore not only simplify maintenance, but also minimize downtime. At the same time costs are minimized.

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With our extensive selection of lobe geometry and materials, we will find the right long-life lobe for your media, e.g. NBR, NBR white, EPDM-SL, EPDM-AL, EPDM white, CSM, FKM, PU, stainless steel oder nitrided steel. The lobes can be produced in a straight, double-wing geometry or as 3-wing; 4-wing or 6-wing, pulsation-free HiFlo lobes.

Additional information:
Alongside the standard model in abrasion-resistant gray cast iron, versions in ADI and stainless steel are stocked as well. On request, the components of the pump chamber can be manufactured from duplex steel or a nickel-based alloy. Other options for customization include heat treatment and wear-resistant coatings for the wear plates and housing components.
Quality cartridge: The mechanical seal for pumps by Vogelsang
The Vogelsang Quality Cartridge stands for modern sealing technology. The mechanical seal in cartridge design is manufactured automatically in the factory, completely pre-assembled and checked by computer. This makes it quick and easy to change on site: assembly errors are avoided and the time required is reduced. This means quick and easy replacement of the shaft seal as well as safe commissioning after seal replacement.

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VX pumps from Vogelsang have sturdy, break-proof shafts with a large diameter and without cranks and recesses to weaken them. The benefit is that Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps give a minimum shaft deflection even under high pressure, very low start-up wear, and ultimately reduced operating costs and spare parts costs.

Additional information:
Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps are built according to a unique element-based design. With them, the customer isn’t forced to replace the entire body, but instead just the element that is affected. The economical replacement of individual components not only makes maintenance simpler and quicker, but simultaneously reduces the operating costs.

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Options of the VX series

InjectionSystem for rotary lobe pumps by Vogelsang
The InjectionSystem significantly improves the foreign-matter resistance of the pump. It increases the efficiency and improves the suction capacity through optimized volumetric efficiency. Thanks to the InjectionSystem the service life of the pump is extended. Field trials prove a longer period of up to 2.5 times.

Additional information:
The wear plates, made from highly wear-resistant special steel, extend maintenance intervals considerablx, simplify maintenance and minimize downtimes. Also your costs are significantly reduce during maintenance.

Additional information:
Unlike conventional lobes, Vogelsang’s HiFlo® lobes ensure pulsation-free pumping and consequently longer lifetimes for the drive and coupling. At the same time, the suction capacity is increased due to the higher number of sealing lines. The improved internal sealing enables suction from deep pits.

Additional information:
The speed-dependent displacement of the VX rotary lobe pumps makes them ideal for precise longitudinal distribution within the spreading swath. Either screwed directly into the gearbox or in conjunction with the UDS both versions of the Vogelsang speed sensor are used to calculate the flow rate, allowing precise control of the required spreading capacity.
The Universal Drive System (UDS) allows the same VX rotary lobe pump to be operated with a number of different types of drive (hydraulic and geared motors, classic cardan shaft, three-speed gearbox) or locations (stationary, mobile). This is done by combining the pump with a shaft and drive adapter. The UDS makes spare parts management easier and enhances flexibility.
In the QD design, an additional, third support bearing provides extra stability and extremely low shaft deflection, resulting in minimal pressure-related wear. This results in a longer lifetime and reduced wear, especially at high pressures.
Vogelsang’s rotary lobe pumps themselves are also compact in design, which saves weight. Also thanks to the pumping technique a considerable reduction in pipes is possible. Therefore Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps weigh up to 37 % less that comaprable models on the market.

Additional information:
We offer another option which is perfectly suited to road transport: aluminum pump housing and lobe cores. This helps haulers to keep the tare of the transport vehicle to a minimum and thus increase the payload. The gearbox housing, bearing seal housing and QuickService cover are all made of aluminum. Particular attention has been paid to making sure that all components that come into contact with the medium are lined with robust gray cast iron or highly wear-resistant special steel.

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The VX rotary lobe pumps

  • The small pump[br]VX100
  • The universal pump[br]VX136
  • The strong pump[br]VX186
  • The powerful pump[br]VX215
  • The performance pump[br]VX230

The small rotary lobe pump
Rotary lobe pump VX100

The rotary lobe pumps of the VX100 series are available in four sizes, offering the advantages of the Vogelsang VX series for small to medium capacities of up to 50 m³/h and pressures up to 10 bar. Special options, such as a sophisticated lightweight concept with aluminum components, a directly flanged electric motor, or the PTB-certified A1 design with flame trap, make the VX100 series the ideal solution for simple to highly specialized applications. They are the economic solution for a wide variety of applications in industry, wastewater technology and transport – particularly where there is a need for self-priming, dry-running-resistant, easy to maintain and efficient pump technology.

The compact and universal rotary lobe pump
Rotary lobe pump VX136

The VX136 series stands out for its compact type of construction and its wide range of models and options. Six sizes in 9 different types of construction offer capacities of up to 364 m³/h and enable pressures of up to 12 bar. Rotary lobe pumps in the VX136 series are easy to handle, reliable to operate and easy to maintain, just like all the pumps in the VX series. Special options such as the modular InjectionSystem, radial and axial wear plates, or special materials like ADI, stainless steel or nickel alloys form the basis for a design that is optimally adapted to the specific application. Thanks to this variety of design options, the pumps in the VX136 series have proven their worth over decades in the industrial, wastewater technology, agricultural and biogas sectors, as well as in transport.

The sturdy and strong rotary lobe pump
Rotary lobe pump VX186

The key feature of the VX186 series rotary lobe pumps is their sturdy and powerful design. Available in eight sizes in 13 different types of construction, they offer capacities of up to 1,025 m³/h and enable pressures of up to 12 bar. This makes them the ideal choice wherever large quantities of abrasive, viscous or aggressive media have to be pumped reliably and safely. Applications include tankers, in industry, biogas plants or wastewater technology. Thanks to equipment characteristics that were developed on the basis of practical experience, such as the wear plate concept, the Universal Drive System or the variety of drive options, the VX186 series is the right choice wherever sturdy and powerful pumping is needed and easy maintainability is just as necessary as a good suction capability and resistance to dry running and foreign matter.

The powerful rotary lobe pump
Rotary lobe pump VX215

The VX series in the VX215 range impresses with its large flow rates. Four sizes in 6 different designs allow up to 24,000 l/min or 1,417 m³/h and pressures of up to 8 bar.  And at the same time, it is very compact and has a low net weight. Another positive characteristic is its strong resistance to foreign matter thanks to a large free passage of 90 mm. This series can also be fitted with the InjectionSystem as an optional extra. This increases the pumps’ insensitivity to foreign matter. To ensure rapid maintenance, the series is designed according to the QuickService principle. This means that all wetted parts can be changed in the installation position, without dismounting the pump. This makes the VX215 series particularly well suited to pumping tasks that demand power, e.g. in membrane filtration, on tankers or on self-propelled vehicles.

The high performance rotary lobe pump
Rotary lobe pump VX230

High capacity in the minimum of space. This is the key characteristic of VX230.Based on four sizes and 6 different designs, it offers outputs of up to 1,234 m³/h against pressures of up to 12 bar. And the model series also features the basic characteristics of the VX series, such as the QuickService principle. This makes maintenance work significantly quicker and easier, and it reduces standstill to a minimum.

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