The sturdy and strong rotary lobe pump
Rotary lobe pump VX186

The key feature of the VX186 series rotary lobe pumps is their sturdy and powerful design. Available in eight sizes in 13 different types of construction, they offer capacities of up to 1,025 m³/h and enable pressures of up to 12 bar. This makes them the ideal choice wherever large quantities of abrasive, viscous or aggressive media have to be pumped reliably and safely. Applications include tankers, in industry, biogas plants or wastewater technology. Thanks to equipment characteristics that were developed on the basis of practical experience, such as the wear plate concept, the Universal Drive System or the variety of drive options, the VX186 series is the right choice wherever sturdy and powerful pumping is needed and easy maintainability is just as necessary as a good suction capability and resistance to dry running and foreign matter.