Paolo Pronzato chose Vogelsang
He uses the Vogelsang wine pump to transport the grape marc

“I chose Vogelsang because its rotary lobe pump is the only one that can handle difficult materials in elevation without clogging or problems."
Paolo Pronzato, winemaker, Batasiolo, La Morra, Cuneo

Batasiolo winery is the biggest company in the Langhe by vineyard area with 115 hectares of property.  We cultivate Nebbiolo da Barolo, Dolcetto, Barbera, Moscato and Chardonnay, for a total production of about 4 million bottles per year. Until 2019 we had to place a pump under each tank in the cellar to empty the winemaking equipment during unscrewing. However, the construction of new winemaking equipment has led us to create a fixed transfer line. It consists of a 40 cm diameter auger and a pipeline that transports the pomace out of the cellar. There the presses are located. 
Between the screw and the transfer line we placed a stationery Vogelsang VX 136-140 Q. The rotary lobe pump pumps it to the belt on which the pomace is transported to the presses. A complex task caused by two factors: the first one lies in the nature of the pomace itself as it can cause clogging. The second one is the path to be taken. During a length of almost 30 meters a height difference of three meters needs to be covered.

Fortunately, the Vogelsang lobe pump manages to handle this situation well. In fact, we think it is perhaps the only one that can handle difficult materials in elevation without clogging or problems. The presence of air between the pomace does not affect the pumping capacity and the use of the rotating lobes makes it more resistant, for example than a single screw, in dry running. The pump is of excellent quality, capable of handling extremely different materials, even on long distances and in the presence of unevenness.
Because of this we use the VX 136-140 Q pump exclusively to pump pomace at Batasiolo, which is one of the main wineries of the Langhe.

Company portrait: Batasiolo, Cuneo, Italy

The company Batasiolo, Cuneo, Italy
Testimonial Paolo Pronzato
Position Winemaker
Year founded 1978
Wine-growing partners 600 shareholders
Production 4,000,000 bottles a year of Nebbiolo da Barolo, Dolcetto, Barbera, Moscato and Chardonnay
Vogelsang Products and Solutions 1 x VX 136-140Q wine pump